When Night Starts Free Falling ....

WhenNightFalls.jpgThe suggestion was made, and everyone in the final hour of When Night Falls agreed, that When Night Falls should be a monthly event ... When Night Starts Free Falling ...

Chris Harbeck, from Winnipeg, Canada agreed to start the ball rolling and we agreed to host the planning page here on the K12 Online When Night Falls wiki.

The group also decided to contiune using the K12 Online room at Tapped Inas part of this regular event.

Get skype (it's free), join the K12 Online Group at Tapped In (also free) and continue to participate in the conference that never ends When Night Starts Free Falling ... the Free Falling Planning page is here. ;-)

Archive of When Night Falls home page.

(Photo source: http://flickr.com/photos/jamesjordan/115627088/)