When Night Falls: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I need to do before the event to participant?
  • Download, register, and test Skype if you have not already. (You'll just need a microphone and an internet-connected computer)
  • Visit http://tappedin.org and register for a free account, which you'll use during the event for text-chat.
  • If you have any trouble with anything at all, you can get help online at any time , immediately, from the Help Desk in Tapped In.

2. What do I do to participate once the event starts?

3. If I have technical problems during the event, what should I do?
  • Plan in advance to participate in "When Night Falls" with others in your local area! Then you can help each other if you run into difficulties! See this conference blog post on "LAN Parties" for more ideas along this line.
  • Use the text chat environment in http://tappedin.org to ask other participants for help and suggestions, if you have problems with Skype and the Skypecasts.
4. What software are folks using to record the Skypecast?
  • Stay tuned; we're working on it ... we will be posting that information here soon. ;-)