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Skype FAQ

I found some great information about hosting through Skype on their FAQ page. I am posting here what I found to be interesting and helpful with the appropriate links. Skypecast Home Page

How many people can participate in a Skypecast?
Up to 100 people from anywhere in the world can participate in a Skypecast.

Who moderates the Skypecast?
The user who creates the Skypecast is responsible for moderating the discussion. They can lead the discussion, control who can speak, and eject people from the Skypecast if they misbehave.

What are the moderation rules?
Moderation rules govern the way new users are allowed to join your chat. In public chats there are three different types of rules you can set for new joiners:
• Anyone can post messages in this chat – anyone can join the chat and begin participating straight away without host approval.
• Participants need my permission to start posting messages – participants instantly become members of the chat and can read all messages by other participants, but they are put in Read Only mode which means that they are not allowed to type messages until the host grants chatting permissions.
• Participants need my permission to start reading and posting messages – users that try to join the chat are placed in a waiting queue. They can not become members of the chat until host approves them. While they are in the waiting queue they will not be able to see other chat participants or any messages.

How do I change the moderation rules?
If you are the creator of a chat you can change your moderation rules at any time during the course of your public chat. On the public chat window go to Options > Public chat settings. You can also lock the picture and topic or change your community guidelines message from this settings window.

How do I add the rules or guidelines to my public chat so that participants can see them?

You can add community guidelines or any other information you wish to share with participants of your chat by filling out the Community Guidelines section in the wizard. Alternatively, you can change your guidelines at any time by going to Options > Public chat settings. The participants in your chat will be notified that you have changed the guidelines and the message will appear at the top of their chat.

Please note that you can also add clickable links into your guidelines to help direct participants to your website or other online information.

Can I promote another participant to act as host in my public chat?

It is a great idea to share the responsibility of hosting a chat. To appoint another user as a host to your chat right-click on their contact card and choose Promote to Host. All hosts in your chat will appear at the top of the Chatting bucket.

What permissions do hosts have in my public chat?
As an appointed host to a public chat, users have the ability to promote other hosts, accept and reject joiners, eject and ban users, set users or the chat to read only and change the topic or picture settings.

Appointed hosts do not have the ability to change the moderation rules of the chat, eject and ban other hosts or permanently end the chat. These privileges apply only to the creator of the public chat.

How do I accept or reject participants that are waiting to join my public chat?
If your moderation rules are set to “Participants need my permission to start reading and posting messages” you will need to accept or reject new joiners into your chat. As a host you will be notified when a new joiner applies to your chat.

To accept individual participants click on the green Accept button or the red Decline button. If you have a queue of joiners you would like to batch accept or deny you can click on the menu heading Waiting and select Accept All / Reject All.

For security and anti-spamming measures once a joiner has been rejected from applying to a public chat they will not be allowed to reapply. The creator or hosts of the chat have the option of manually adding them into the chat by clicking on the Add more people to this chat button if required.

How do I eject and ban a disruptive participant?

If you have a participant who is being disruptive to your public chat you have the option to eject and ban them from reapplying to your chat. To do this right click on their contact card in the participant list and select Eject and Ban. You will be asked to verify this choice.

The only way to allow them to participate again is for you or another host to manually add them back into your public chat.

How to Group chat?
With Skype you can chat with up to 100 people in a group chat.

1. Select the participants for your group-chat from your Contact List by holding "ctrl" and clicking each contact.
2. Once you have selected the participants, simply click the chat toolbar button.
3. A chat window will open with all of the participants.
4. You can bookmark the chat so you’ll be able to use it again by clicking the book and selecting Bookmark Chat in the chat window.
If you are already in a chat and would like to add an additional participant to the chat simply click the ‘Add more people to this chat’ button in the chat window, and choose the contacts you would like to add.

Why am I waiting to join a public chat?
In some instances the host of the chat has chosen to moderate memberships to their chat. In these cases it may take some time for the host to accept or reject your application. The host might also be offline during the time that you apply.

Can I leave my public chat?

As the creator of a public chat you are not allowed to leave the chat. You can only end the chat. If you are an appointed host to the chat you have the ability to leave the chat whenever you please by clicking on the Leave button on the toolbar.

How do I end my public chat forever?
If you no longer wish to continue a public chat you have created you have the option to end it permanently. To do this go to Options > End Chat.

Only the creator of the chat can choose to permanently end a public chat. This also means that acting hosts do not have the ability to end a public chat.

Can I record my Skypecast?
Currently you cannot record your Skypecast from within Skype, however, there are third party products that let you record conversations. You should warn other participants that you are recording the Skypecast at the start of the call.