Everything You Wanted to Know About Tapped In but Were Afraid to Ask...
Tapped In is the online workplace of an international community of education professionals. K-12 teachers, librarians, administrators, and professional development staff, as well as university faculty, students, and researchers gather here to learn, collaborate, share, and support one another.

What Do We Do in TI?
Tapped In is a collaborative online professional learning community comprised of over 20,000 educators world-wide. Tapped In offers asynchronous discussion boards and areas where participants can download files and access collections of weblinks.Building a collaborative community online in Tapped In will not only keep K12 Online participants connected but will also give you access to an even larger group of digitally minded educators world wide.
Our goal is to help participants explore and develop ideas and reflections in Tapped In related to the K12 Online and move the discussion forward from there.

Click here to sign up for a free membership. http://tappedin.org/

There are a variety of FAQs located about Tapped In here: http://tappedin.org/tappedin/do/HelpAction?ROOM_ID=1&state=displayAboutTab
Find out more answers from the Help Desk staffed with real people 12 hours a day that is located in the Tapped In Reception area. This is where you land once you log in to Tapped In.

Once in the Tapped In Reception
1. You will see the When Night Falls pic on top right of page.
2. Scroll down and look on left at Featured Passageways and click on K12Online
3. When you are in the K12 Online room you will see a navigation bar on the left
4. Click on "about us" That shows you who has "joined the room" however, for the When Night Falls event we have opened the room to let all visitors in.
5. To join (so that participants can engage in threaded discussions after the conference) they need to :
a. click on "me tab" at top
b. click on groups
c. click on Tapped In Groups
d. search for K12Online
e. click on green i
f. Join the room (top left)
6. To chat... there will be a window open on the bottom for synchronous chat. Select pull down action menu on left of chat box and select detach for a larger window or select larger text there too.
7. "Here" tab in chat window will show who is in the K12 Online room with you
8. "Online" tab in chat window shows who is on Tapped In (in every space)
9. Highlight a name and click on Green i and find out profile info on a person

Tapped In will automatically send you an archive of the chat when you log off.
If you have joined the room you can click on "Discussion" on the left navigation bar and add to the asychronous threaded conversations.