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BjB waves hi to Chris

ChrisHa: hi everyone

JohnEv: Hey Chris

PaulMRH: Hi Chris how's the snow??

DavidWe waves to Chris

DavidWe: brb

ChrisHa: Still here and great. Is the skype working yet?

BjB: not for Jeanne

JohnEv: Not for John either

ChrisHa: I have a backup skype set up if needed

BjB: Jeanne, log out of skype, shut it down and then log back in

JenW: Thanks BJB

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MarleneK: I lost my connection.. tried to reconnect and got an error message

JeanneS: I just logged out, rebooted computer

JenW: Marlene -- I got that too --

JenW: please try again

MarleneK: "i will.

PaulMRH: very reourceful Chris

PaulMRH: resourceful!!!

MarleneK: Nope Misc error #6519

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JenW: okay -- Marlene

JenW: no worries -- just a few sec

SharonPe: I have the Darth Vader effect with skype

MarleneK: I'm wondering if the error message has anything to do with the time limit length when booking a skypecast

SharonPe: I can hear everything

PaulMRH: i someone not using a headset??

JenW: I had a headset

MarleneK: Therefore making it impossible for others to join after that preset time has gone by?

SharonPe: I don't need to say much anyways....

JenW: No Marlene

JenW: I think you will be okay

JenW: can you try again???

JenW: I was able to log back on

ChrisHa: Hi do we want to use a backup

MarleneK: <will keep trying :) >

JenW: Chris-- I think another skypecast room might be a good idea

SharonPe: good idea Chris

ChrisHa: I'll give you the address

PaulMRH: Have you booked a sesion Chris??

ChrisHa: /skypecasts/skypecast/detailed .html?id_talk=200604

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DavidWe waves to Graham

DavidWe: Hi, Graham. Welcome

JenW: I am in

GrahamW: Good morning!

JenW: Marlene -- please try the new link

DavidWe: Afternoon in America

GrahamW: I know

DavidWe smiles

GrahamW: Nearly 8.30 am down under

JoeDa joined the room.

DavidWe: Coffee, Graham?

BjB: good job, Joe

DavidWe waves to Joe

DavidWe: Hi, Joe. Welcome

JenW: you there Chris???

JenW: Hello Graham

JoeDa: Hi Got there in the end!

PaulMRH: Hi Joe, Hi Graham

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SharonPe: HI Graham - was just watching your video from K12 - wonderful! So many of your thoughts resonated with me!

GrahamW: Hi Jen

GrahamW: ...and Sharon

SharonPe: very timely before I go back to school on MOnday

SharonPe: how much longer before you Aussies go back?

GrahamW: Glad someone liked it!

JohnEv joined the room.

DavidWe smiles

GrahamW: End of Jan.

DavidWe: no funding for adding features

DavidWe . o O ( like voice )

DavidWe smiles

DavidWe: Text-chat rules!

DavidWe: Nice coughing, too!

SharonPe: (smiles)

SharonPe: too

DavidWe: type :smiles

DavidWe: start with colon, Sharon

MarleneK: It must be me, i can't get into the new link now either.. going to reboot.

DavidWe . o O ( :smiles )

PaulMRH: hi jeanne

DavidWe smiles

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ChrisHa: /skypecasts/skypecast/detailed .html?id_talk=200604

PaulMRH: I'm in January blogclub backup - no one else here ????

PaulMRH: showing 0 people

DavidWe: It's a test, talking and typing

JeanneS: The backup room is working

SharonPe: okay - all, could you redirect everyone in skype to the new room?

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SharonPe: it appears that Chris, as host, cannot be heard either

PaulMRH: thanks Chris

JenW: but he can mute :)

BjB: | ANNOUNCEMENT: When Night Falls is starting in the group room. To participate type /join JeanneS |

PaulMRH: Allanah did you swap over yet???

SharonPe: so Chris has made a generous sacrifice to act as the mute host and let Jeanne do her thing!

AllanahGst4: no not sure what to do

DavidWe gives Chris the Tapped In altruism award for January

MaureenB: I am proud of myself I got on

ChrisHa: /skypecasts/skypecast/detailed .html?id_talk=200604

DavidWe: Well done, Maureen

MaureenB: and can hear

PaulMRH: follow chris's link and it will log you into the new chat

DavidWe: Even better

ChrisHa: new skype home I am mute however

DavidWe: It is so interesting to me that sound is STILL so problematic

JenW: but you have POWER

BjB . o O ( ....and the text chat keeps on keeping on :-) )

DavidWe: We used to use CU-SeeMe, more than 10 years ago and it used to work much better...granted it wasn't 15 people logging in

JenW: Happy New Year Everyone!!

DavidWe smiles

PaulMRH: It may be a case for Flash meeting Joe??

BjB: Let's start with some reminders about Tapped In

JoeDa: Good idea

DavidWe listens to Bj

BjB: if you're new to Tapped In go to Actions in the top right of the chat window and click on DETACH

BjB: this will make your chat window larger and easier to read

JeffC joined the room.

DavidWe waves to Jeff

SharonPe: thanks - helps a lot!

JeffC waves

JeffC: I'm just here for the cookies.

DavidWe: Bj, Jeff andI are HelpDesk volunteers in Tapped In - feel free to ask questions

DavidWe hands Jeff a cookie

MaureenB: where are the cookies

SharonPe: how do you people do that?

DavidWe: do what, Sharon

DavidWe waves

DavidWe: that?

SharonPe: that

DavidWe: type :waves

BjB: while we wait for everyone to get logged in to skype, please enter your intro. Tell us where you are located and what brings you to the discussion

DavidWe: start with a colon

DavidWe . o O ( :waves )

SharonPe smiles

DavidWe cheers for Sharon

PaulMRH: I don't know whether non uk's will know much about it but maybe worth giving people a link so that they ca check it out ( as Webheads use it)

SharonPe and waves back

DavidWe: Well done

DavidWe: One more, Sharon...

DavidWe: type /th deep thoughts

DavidWe: start with the /th

DavidWe . o O ( /th deep thoughts )

ChrisHa: I am having mac issues

SharonPe . o O ( deep thoughts )

BjB . o O ( we're deep thinkers in Tapped In :-) )

SharonPe: mac issues?? really?? is there such a thing??

DavidWe: You are a pro, Sharon

JeffC: Chris, are you using Firefox on a Mac?

JeanneS: Come join us in the new skype room

SharonPe learns fast

DarrenK . o O ( I love the helpful fols at Tapped In! )

DavidWe is using Safari on his iBook

JenW: Chris -- can you MUTE everyone but Jeanne

PaulMRH: Oh dear an apple software up date is going to take me out as I have to retsart wil be right back ( fingers crossed) oh poo !!!

JeffC: If so... don't! Use Safari or (cough cough) Internet Explorer.

DavidWe: Sharon, type /help to see the list of typed commands


JenW: We hear you CHRIS

JenW: we hear you --

JenW: this is COOL

DavidWe smiles

MaureenB: yes I can hear Chris

JenW: YEA -- we have chris too

SharonPe thanks Dave again

PaulMRH left the room (signed off).

SharonPe loves referring to herself in the third person

DarrenK who

ChrisHa: /skypecasts/skypecast/detailed .html?id_talk=200604

DavidWe: Math!!!

BjB smiles.

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DavidWe: I'm hearing a lot of echo in Skype

JenW: yes, A bit -- but it seemed to go away

DavidWe: better, now

SharonPe: great intro, Jeanne!

MarleneK joined the room.

BjB: welcome back, Marlene

BjB: introduce yourself in text too

DavidWe . o O ( intros? )

DavidWe: Are we doing them?

BjB nods to David

JeanneS: Where are you from?

DavidWe smiles

MaureenB: Hi Maureen Beyrer and i teach fourth grade in NY

JeanneS: Hey Vinny

GrahamW joined the room.

BjB: welcome back, Graham

DavidWe: I'm David Weksler. I'm one of the Tapped In HelpDesk volunteers and I lead a discussion about math education and technology here. I'm in New Jersey, near New York City

JeanneS: What do you teach?

JeanneS: What drew you to today's session?

JenW: I am JEN in the skypechat --

DavidWe: brb

VincentV: I teach a digital publishing course and an intro to programming course. Most of my work is helping teacher and students implement technology into the curriculum, from pre-k through 12th grade

JenW: If you are in the skype -- can you type your skype name here so Chris knows who you are

VincentV: Mine is vvrotny

AllanahGst4: Paul says he is having a meltdown will get back as soon as he can

BjB nods to Allanah. Thanks

JenW: Hi -- I teach teachers to use the tools of the web and wish to include many more podcasts in my projects.

SusanR joined the room.

BjB: welcome, Sue

GrahamW: Dropped out on wireless - sould someone repaste the new Skype link please?

JeanneS: How about letting us know in chat if you want to talk

SusanR: Hi BjB

SharonPe: jsut a sec Graham

JenW: Jeanne -- the wiki has the names of SKYPE users

SusanR: yes the skype link please

GrahamW: No worries

JenW: dodyou want me to email them to you???

SharonPe: /skypecasts/skypecast/detailed .html?id_talk=200604

VincentV: who was the user from tanzania

GrahamW: thanx

JeanneS: John, I can hear you!

SharonPe: we have well over 30 people

JenW: Legit names:

DarrenK: Hey John!

BjB: loud and clear, John.

MarleneK: = mkonduc From Alberta, Canada. I used to teach Jr High Science and was involved in global communication projects with my students in Russia. Moving now to audio using skype for educational forums.

SharonPe: eebee1 = Sharon Peters

JenW: Jen, VVrotney, bjb

JenW: anybody else I missed

AllanahGst4: Allanah here from New Zealand- down under

AllanahGst4: Been podcasting for six months and keen to learn about the ways others use the technology

MaureenB: mbeyrer

PaulMRH joined the room.

BjB cheers for Paul

BjB: welcome back

MaureenB: we can still hear you

PaulMRH: Thanks will get into skype cast asap!!! I hope

DarrenK: my skype window shows only 6 people in the room and Jeanne is dark?!?

MarleneK: Not to worry Chris, the screen just disappears like that sometimes and then if you wait they all reappear

AllanahGst4: Hi Paul- made it

SharonPe: /skypecasts/skypecast/detailed .html?id_talk=200604

PaulMRH: Or is that such a good idea!!! lol

PamWi joined the room.

SharonPe: we have quite the crowd happening

BjB: welcome, Pam

PamWi: Hi

AllanahGst4: Hi Pam

SusanR: not getting anything

PamWi: Hello everyone

DarrenK: HI Pam.

DavidWe waves to Pam

SharonPe: Darren are you in the right skype room?

DarrenK: Hmmm ..... I don't know. I can hear you.

PamWi: now that's being too clever for me david

SharonPe: what is your skype name, Darren?

JenW: It sounds like its skype today --

DarrenK: dkuropatwa

SharonPe: don't think I see you....

JenW: Darren -- did you get the NEW link??

GrahamW: Darren I think you are in the old room.

ChrisHa: /skypecasts/skypecast/detailed .html?id_talk=200604

JenW: Thanks Chris

GrahamW: I was in there b4.

SharonPe: yes, Darren - don't believe you are in the right room - don't see you

DarrenK: I got it off the wiki. I'll try the one Chris just pasted.

JenW: I have created 5 podcasts with people -- and 1 podcast with students

JenW: (LOL -- not meaning that students are NOT people)

JenW: and our goal is to create a podcast for Mother's Day with a group of First Graders

JeanneS: Silvia, are you in the new skype room

SilviaT: I got kicked out several times.

PaulMRH: Hi gang back in sound and almost in vision??

JohnEv: I have taught several sessions on How to Podcast and have done 3-4 with or/for students. I used Audacity on a PC then used PodOmatic for my hosting.

AllanahGst4: I am in the old room and can hear you fine

SharonPe: hang in there, Sylvia

SharonPe: keep trying

SilviaT: I need to leave for a few minutes, but plan on rejoining

PaulMRH: Allanah that's a skype thing - it happened last time as well

ChrisHa: /skypecasts/skypecast/detailed .html?id_talk=200604

SharonPe: okay

SharonPe: 50 participants!!!

SharonPe: we are popular today!

DarrenK: Looks like I found the skypecast .... Thanks folks. ;)

ChrisHa: I am lookin in the tapped in room. Tell me your skype and I will umnuteyou

SharonPe: welcome Darren

MarleneK: = mkonduc

AllanahGst4: Allanahk

DarrenK: Thanks. ;)

SusanR left the room (signed off).

DavidWe smiles

DarrenK: I've heard some of John's podcsts ... he's good. ;-)

BjB: The biggest arguement we hear from teachers who don't know how to use technology in general, and web 2.0 tools in particiular, is that they don't have enough TIME.

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SharonPe: yes, am using podomatic

DarrenK: Yes, BJB, that's the number 1 obstacle to innovating in K12 education.

SharonPe: yes, pretty easy - just upload your file and it creates a whole page around it

BjB: how can all of you find enough time to play with these tools, learn how to integrate them into your curriculum, overcome the bugs, and still have time to breathe!?

SusanR joined the room.

SharonPe doesn't sleep

DarrenK: John, is podomatic easier than audacity? DO you have the same editing capabilities?

SharonPe: just kidding

PamWi left the room (signed off).

PamWi joined the room.

SharonPe: podomatic is really for hosting - not editing

VincentV: I am teaching audacity to 11th graders on Tuesday. I am looking forward to it.

AllanahGst4: Podomatic rules apart from they have just started putting big advertisments on it

SharonPe: I agree

BjB: probably not far from the truth though, Sharon. Being an innovator is very time consuming

DarrenK: BJB ... it's all about passion. ;-)

GrahamW: You can record straight into podomatic but no editing.

SharonPe: audacity rocks with the number of features it has

PaulMRH: Podomatic recording quick thoughts - you can audio email as well on podomatic

SharonPe: I want to know how to embed my podomatic (or podcast) right into my blog - and I am a PC user

JohnEv: My Podcasting site is

PaulMRH: look at

SharonPe: seems easy with MAC (with podcast maker), but is there something similar for PCs

DarrenK: Sharon, I suppose you could link to your podomatic page?

SharonPe: ?

BjB understands about passion. How long can you beat your head against a brick wall before your passion is beat to a bloody pulp?


AllanahGst4: If you have a podomatic one they let you embed it into your blog

JenW: http://womenofweb2.podomatic .com/entry/2006-12-13T11_16_59 -08_00

SharonPe: yes, Darren, that is what I did, but would love to have it embedded right into the blog

JenW: You can find Charlotte's Web There

PaulMRH: and

DarrenK: Chirs, please mute the skypecast?

PaulMRH: have i got the addrees

PaulMRH: address acorrect allanah??

DarrenK: Hmmm ... let me look at the site ...

PaulMRH: I am

PaulMRH: pj23harry

BjB: ahhhh....thanks


SusanR: I have played with Odeo

JenW: Link to Odeo

PaulMRH: sorry allanah

AllanahGst4: Allanahk

SharonPe: Darren, I did try to embed some of the html that podomatic gave me - but wordpress would not accept it

AllanahGst4: I use blogger for my blog

PaulMRH: allanah may be in the old room

AllanahGst4: And it works well

VincentV: I am working with 3rd graders this february and march to work on a podcasting unit with our third grade teacher. We have done the background research about names around our schools. We were going to use either audacity or garage band

ChrisHa: /skypecasts/skypecast/detailed .html?id_talk=200604

AllanahGst4: OK

DarrenK: I figured it out ShARON ...

DarrenK: oopps.. sorry for shouting .. ;-)

SharonPe: great stuff, Vincent - I love to hear elementary students podcasting!

JenW: Paul -- you are Podfather

JenW: ???

AllanahGst4: It just won't move. paul can speak for me LOL

JohnEv: I also have a whole page of Podcasting information on my wiki at /Podcasting. This is a compilation of resources I put together for a series of workshops I did this summer and fall.

PaulMRH: yup I am podfather

SharonPe: cool, John - thanks for the link!

DarrenK: Each podomatic post has a link at the bottom called [download]. copy that link and link your text using that url.

SharonPe: I am giving a short presentation about podcastingn to my colleagues on Monday

SharonPe: any help greatly appreciated!

SharonPe: am still such a newbie at this

VincentV: Should be interesting. two years ago, our 3rd graders did a series of memories about locations around the school. Didn't podcast it, but a similar concept.

SharonPe: thanks Darren, will check it out

JenW: Everyone -- please remember we have a WIKI* where you can post your links

JenW: http://k12online.wikispaces .com/January+Agenda

AllanahGst4: Chris can you private message me the new room so I can maybe copy-paste the rurl

GrahamW: Paual, how did you and Allanah link up?

JenW: I tried to grab all the sites but I might not have gotten them all

JenW: Paul -- are you Paul E or Paul H

SusanR: I am catching them, Jen

JenW: thanks Susan -- can you drop them into the wiki toO???

PaulMRH: Graham we linked up accidentally I guess we became each others fans/friends through podomatic then found that we were on skype - we chatted for a while and then decided to forge a link between the schools - we skype each other from classes as well - some problem with +13hr time difference but we have overcome this

SusanR: If not now I will later, Jen

JenW: than you so much

SusanR: just got in the door

JenW: and thank you too

GrahamW: Thanx Paul. I'd be interested if anyone has a class they'd want to link to here in Australia.

SharonPe: has anyone foudn any good tutorials about some advanced features of audacity??

JenW: Repeat the ??? please

PaulMRH: We tried a direct skype pupil to pupil in November 9 we were in school at 7.30 pm ( 20 upils came back to school - not bad considering they are 7 some parents came to listen as well

JenW: http://audacity.sourceforge .net/help/tutorials

JenW: Tutorials

GrahamW: Something similar to Paul!

SharonPe: For example, my podcast that I did with my daughter yesterday had a lot of mushy "s" sounds - how can I filter that out?

DarrenK: I like that idea Graham. You teach elementary right?

JeanneS: Graham, what age group are you looking for?

JenW: -tutorial.htm

GrahamW: Sorry. muted at the moment

JohnEv: I have some tutorials linked on my wiki /Podcasting

SharonPe: I have done skype conversations student to students

JenW: /other/audacity/

SharonPe: thanks John

SharonPe: and Jen

JenW: Those are tutorials

SusanR: I am looking for some good tutorials for using garageband and podcasting .. I have looked at the Apple site..but looking for something more step by step with the current version of Garageband

PaulMRH: Yes its great for cross culture link

DavidWe: Do you have an Apple Store near you, Susan?

SharonPe: you are looking for a match, paul?

DavidWe: They do good demos at the Apple Store (at least around me)

DarrenK: Susan, check out

VincentV: atomic learning is a good place to look

SusanR: no..I will have to come to New York!!

JoeDa: Here are all the Audacity tutorials I've found on the net: /audacity

DavidWe invites Susan and goes to find the schedule for the Apple Store

SharonPe: or

DarrenK: Thanks Joe!

JenW: My is pairing teachers up together i Tools of Web 2.0

SharonPe: Here is a link for a great app - levelator - which levels the different audio levels in your wav files

JenW: podcasting, wiking, blogs

JenW: etc

SharonPe: works a treat!

JoeDa: The best one is Assignment: Podcast by British Telecom

SusanR: Thanks here is the link to screencasts

JenW: www.onlineprojects4teachers .com

SusanR: /sco/

PaulMRH: not at present as we going to link with another uk school in London in Spring Term ( but for future definitely yes - how old are your pupils

PaulMRH: welcome allanah

JoeDa: The Seeitdoit tutorials are also excellent

JenW: /podcastingsoftware/qt/Beginau dacity.htm

DavidWe: We've had a couple of Tapped In sessions, in the past, about podcasting

JenW: /audacity-tutorial-2.html

JenW: this one looks to be quite good

SharonPe: wowsa - will have to find a way to copy and paste this chat.... for Monday's pres

JoeDa: I'll have to add them to my list

PaulMRH: Yup its really cool from Wales as well - remember it well!!!

DavidWe: Wonderful teacher, Tony Vincent, from an elementary school in Omaha, Nebraska led a discussion a year ago, I believe

SusanR: everyone should check the archived transcripts for Podasting sessions..BjB can you dig them up?

BjB looks for Tony's session

GrahamW: No NZ jokes about heep now!

DavidWe: Radio Willow Web

GrahamW: sheep

BjB . o O ( they're somewhere at )

DavidWe: January, 2006, I think, Bj

JenW: that has to have been wonderful

DavidWe: Kids in elementary school podcasting:

DavidWe: /radio/

SusanR: I will dig them up later, David and BjB

DarrenK D

PaulMRH: mind your step

DavidWe will find it

PaulMRH: watch the sheep droppings!!

GrahamW: http://screencasting.blogspot .com/2006/08/audacity-and-lame .html

DavidWe . o O ( SIGTC with Karen )

DarrenK: The chat will be eamiled to everyone who is a memb rof the K123 Online group here at tapped in.

SharonPe: Thanks everyone for these great links

PaulMRH: Sharon what age are your pupils??

DavidWe . o O ( January 31, 2006 under ISTE Special Interest Group for Tech Coordinators in the Math/Science/Technology section )

DavidWe: ipts/mst/2006/

GrahamW: Connection to others.

BjB: ipts/mst/2006/20060130sigtcpod casting.pdf

SharonPe: Gr. 7 (12-13), Gr. 9 (14-15)

JenW: 1. How did you get started using Web 2.0?

DarrenK: A link to my whiplash! workshop which deals with RSS, Social Bookmarking, Wikis, Podcasting and other Cool Tools ...

PaulMRH: Oops i think we got confused by this before mine are age 7!!

SusanR: I was exploring anything I could use that was FREE.. I believe I started with photosharing and blogging site like

JoeDa: Here are all the posts I've written about podcasting on my blog:

JoeDa: /integrating_ict_into_the_ /podcasting/index.html

JenW left the room (signed off).

JeanneS: I love FREE!

DavidWe smiles

VincentV: I have to leave. Thank you for the great links

DavidWe waves to Vincent

VincentV left the room (signed off).

JeanneS: Thanks for coming Vincent

JeanneS: What was the first Web 2.0 tool you used?

SharonPe: gotta know why you chose the name whiplash for that workshop??

PamWi left the room (signed off).

SusanR: blogging of course for most of us!!

PamWi joined the room.

DavidWe . o O ( welcome back, Pam )

DarrenK: 10 minutes/tool .... everyone has "whiplash" when I'm done. ;-)

PamWi: Overload apparently!!! what are you guys doing to my computer.... too many links!!!

DavidWe . o O ( chains! )

SusanR: photosharing

GrahamW: Blog

BjB: Tapped In!

SusanR: yes, exactly Tappedin

JeanneS: I wish we could do this as an Elluminate session

DavidWe: Why, Jeanne?

SharonPe: self-induced blogging.... nicenet, moodle....

JeanneS: It is easier to extra visitors

DavidWe smiles

JoeDa: I'm a Tapped in newbie. I started with blogging and then podcasting later having played around with Audacity

SharonPe: think I was blogging before I knew anyone else, in real life, was doing it

MarleneK: Rainbow MOO, and DU, then Tapped In

DavidWe: Welcome to Tapped In, Joe

SharonPe: took me a while to figger out the wiki thing too

DarrenK: BJ Terry Freedman lost his username for tapped in. Can you help?

SharonPe: agree with you Jeanne

DavidWe: How do you get to Carnegie Hall, Sharon?

BjB: just a sec, Darren

DarrenK: Thanks. ;-)

SusanR: Is Filamentality a web 2.0 app?

JoeDa: Cheers. It's been quite a learning curve today sorting out how to do this and that, but I think I've got it now

SharonPe: am giving a pres on wikis on Monday too

DavidWe waves to Joe

DavidWe is sure Joe has got it

DarrenK: I think Filamentality is a bridge .... web 1.5 ;-)

BjB: Terry's username is TerryF

SharonPe: DavidWe - is that a riddle?

DavidWe: No, just a question, Sharon

AllanahGst4: I have just found out about using Flock as a web broweser in Web2.0 which is great

DavidWe grins

DavidWe: How do you get better at MOST things?

DarrenK: Thanks BJ

JoeDa: There was always someone to ask for help

DavidWe smiles

BjB smiles. Filamentality goes back a couple years

SharonPe takes a plane, then a taxi to get to Carnegie Hall.... whenever she goes...

DavidWe: Nice aspect o the Internet

BjB: Sue...tell us about filamentality

SusanR: /wired/fil/index.html

DavidWe is afk briefly

JoeDa: Definitely, particularly with Web 2.0 enthusiasts

SharonPe: ah.... it was a metaphor

SusanR: "lamentality is a fill-in-the-blank tool that guides you through picking a topic, searching the Internet, gathering good Internet links, and turning them into online learning activities. Support is built-in along the way through Mentality Tips. In the end, you'll create a web-based activity you can share with others even if you don't know anything about HTML or serving web pages.

SharonPe is very persistent and keeps trying

TerryF joined the room.

TerryF: Good morrow, fellow travellers

SharonPe: Filamentality goes back a lot of years

JeanneS: Welcome Terry!

PaulMRH: Hi Pam how are you??

SharonPe waves at Terry and gives him a big hug to make him feel better.

JohnEv: Wes Fryer mentioned Filamentality in a recent podcast.

PaulMRH: Allanh PamWi is Pam from UK

SusanR: yes, it goes way back..

TerryF: greetings, Sharon

JoeDa: Sharon, You are from Montreal, right. I lived in St Jean Sur Richelieu for a year in the early nineties

PaulMRH: Pam are you in Skype ??

SharonPe: Joe, were you in college, in prison, or in the army?

PamWi: No - want me to log in?

JoeDa: I was an English language assistant at the Polyvalente Chanoine Armand Racicot

PaulMRH: BJB does it run with any audio ??

SharonPe: ah.... at a Polyvalente

PaulMRH: thanks BJ

SharonPe: Joe, where are you now?

JoeDa: Sharon, did you put some videos about your students thoughts on social networking on YouTube?

JohnEv: SharonPe - you should get the EduCause 1 page double sided handout to share with your participants. It's the first link on this page: /Wikis

SharonPe: I wish

JoeDa: From the Isle of Wight in England

SharonPe: ahhhh

ChrisHa: any one want to talk? in skype

TerryF: isle of wight is a brill place

GrahamW: I'm happy to talk.

JoeDa: I know. Everyday is a holiday!

PaulMRH: It's fab we used to take kids to Little Canada in Wooton great fun

SharonPe: I put a podcast of an interview with my fourteen year old daughter about social networking - such as myspace and facebook

DavidWe used to live in Finchley, North London

JoeDa: I must be thinking of someone else, sorry

GrahamW: Coughing up a lung, Chris?

SharonPe: interviewed my daughter yesterday about her use of online social spaces

MarleneK: Thank you for all the info and updates, unfortunately I have to be heading out now.

ChrisHa: wasn't me

SharonPe: I had a video for K12 about my students

BjB: thanks for joining us, Marlene

JoeDa: Was that on Youtube?

MarleneK left the room (signed off).

SharonPe: nope, but good idea

SharonPe: am planning to use youtube

TerryF: Meg's fiction is good

BjB: Tom March and Bernie Dodge develeped filementalityh

JoeDa: I put a video on my blog on Thursday about the conference I organised in October and used Blip.TV which allows you to have a player on your blog but with no link to the site itself. So pupils don't run the risk of seeing something inappropriate

TerryF: And I responded

BjB: then Bernie branched off and focused on webquests

JoeDa: Here is the link: /integrating_ict_into_the_ /2007/01/conference_film.html

DarrenK: Got to get back to the family folks ... it's been fun listening. Cheers!

SharonPe: /entry/2007-01-05T21_13_56-08 _00

BjB: bye, Darren. Thanks

JeanneS: Thanks Darren

DavidWe: Cheers

JoeDa: Bye Darren. Great to meet you 'virtually' at last

SharonPe: /

DarrenK left the room (signed off).

SharonPe: JOe, looks interesting - love to check it out

JoeDa: Is anyone recording the audio from the Skypecast?

PaulMRH: Yup Iam Joe

SharonPe: I am the lone ranger at my school

SusanR: brainbased blogging http://brainbasedbloggin a good reference

JohnEv: Re: Social Networking ... I posted on my blog IMYM Tutorials the other day about LibraryThing - This is a great site for sharing your reading materials. Have put together a group called "Web 2.0 Innovative Thinkers" if anyone would care to join.

SharonPe: and sometimes it is very frustrating

JoeDa: The conference was about technlogy and language learning and had sessions on blogging podcasting, interactive whiteboards, digital storytelling etc

JoeDa: Great Paul. I missed Silvia's audio completely

JeanneS: Yikes!

SharonPe: because my school is going - has gone laptop - wireless network - built-in infrastructure - yet, stuck in a web 1.0 swamp

JohnEv: Have to head off to my daughter's Basketball game. Would love to continue this conversation in the future. Cheers!

SharonPe: Thanks John

JeanneS: Sharon, doing old things with new tools

JeanneS: Thanks john

SharonPe: will check it out ...

TerryF: interesting to know if the MFL lot have managed to integrate ICT successfully. On a broader scale, it was an experiment which failed abysmally

JohnEv left the room (signed off).

PaulMRH: Bye John have fun

SharonPe: Terry - MFL = ??

TerryF: which I must blog about cos Sharon has asked me

TerryF: modern foreign languages

JeffC left the room (signed off).

JoeDa: A lot of excellent work is being done around the country by language teachers, for sure

PaulMRH: Very true Terry - I think that It is difficukt to get people to change - particularly if the school' hardware is old!!!

TerryF: in my experience, the best integration of ICT takes place when the subject specialsts want it to hapopen, not when the ed tech co-ordinator wants it to

JoeDa: It is true that we now have a lot of hardware, but teachers need continual training to get them up to speed

PaulMRH: Or difficulties are perceived anyway

JeffC joined the room.

JeffC: One announcement from me (while you're all still here).

JeanneS: Ok, Jeff

JeffC: I will be conducting a 6 hour workshop at the NECC 2007 Conference on Saturday June 23rd from 8a.m. to 2p.m. Eastern.

TerryF: without effective cpd, the hardware is useless IMHO

PaulMRH: Very true new equipment doesn't mean new ideas but at least they are percieved as more versatile than the old pc's -which are thought of as WP machines

TerryF: workshop about wot, Jeff?

MaureenB: you also have to have a tech person that is a cheerleader to move others into doing intergration

SharonPe: Yes, Jeanne - old things with new tools -

JeffC: I will be using Tapped In, and several other methods for this, and will invite members to login and conduct their own breakout sessions during the second half. My proposal can be found at:

JoeDa: Absolutely. This is one reason I set up my blog to shout about the innovative practice of teachers around the UK

PaulMRH: Students are just doing it they don't know what its called = its the teachers!!

TerryF: well, that is true, but I used to achieve fantastic things using really basic equipment (by today's stds)

SharonPe: my tech support has been my biggest cheerleaders

JeffC: /FORMS/CFP/cfp_summary.php ?formid=38125820&sessionid =40132634&ftl_sid=622a4c82914b 560ae845cd4c05781bb9

PaulMRH: who are inthe old world

JeffC: or

SharonPe: Terry - cpd = ??

JoeDa: Definitely. Youdon't have to have the latest kit to do good thingd

TerryF: continuing professional development

PaulMRH: Chris - you need to have it built in in teacher training as they have done in Scotland

TerryF: don't u Canuks use acronyms???

JeffC: so... if you'd like to be part of it... let me know... I'll be revising the proposal as it develops... but if you have something to collaborate with NECC participants, here is a chance to do it from your living room.

TerryF: have what built in?/

SharonPe: and they have decided that the teachers don't need any more tech training prof development next year at our school!

TerryF: exceptionally bad, yes

PaulMRH: In Wales I would be amazed if teachers are taught anything about new tech even in 3 year course!!! its sad

JeffC: I guess your test scores must be up, Sharon! ;-)

PaulMRH: heavy hands freedman!!

SusanR: we lost our educational technology integrators in our school district

SharonPe: irrelevant

SharonPe: based on software training

SharonPe: not pedagogy

SharonPe: that is my biggest complaint

SharonPe: software training for software that the teacher will never touch again

MaureenB: yes have to get test scores up

GrahamW: On the topic of mobile/cell phones, check out these posters from my 2006 class. /album/93869.fdb66b7a6ce /overview

PaulMRH: Very true terry - it is essential to find how the tech works for them!!

SharonPe: no, Terry, been there done that

SusanR: there is some excellent prof dev right here at tappedin

SharonPe: understand completely

SusanR: see the online calendar /do/CalendarAction

SusanR: for January

JoeDa: Here are some links for the conference plus other things we've done at my school: /integrating_ict_into_the_ /nodehill/index.html

SharonPe: my social network in the last 6 months has given me more prof dev than anything the school has ever provided

AllanahGst4 left the room (signed off).

SusanR: joedale100

PaulMRH: It also needs to be something that is relevant for the teacher

BjB: here's something to cogitate upon. Received this from my principal when I suggested a school wiki: I don't see anything that we would

BjB: put on a WIKI that would benefit us or our kids. I feel that the teachers

BjB: and I have enough to do already, this is just adding unnecessary work to our

BjB: plate. I don't want to get away from the valuable time we spend with the students.

TerryF: why do I keep getting morons asking me to exchange contact details? It's not like they are 18 year old girls or something, which I might be tempted to consider (not really).

SilviaT: SharonPe: I agree. The Professional Developemnt in the last few months has been more than any other years combined

SharonPe: same problem for me Terry - yes, explicit

TerryF: lol

SharonPe: worse than you, Terry!

SharonPe: lol

GrahamW: What Web 2 has done has allowed me to take control of my own PD

TerryF: sorry to everyone for my rant of a few moments ago

JoeDa: Here's a link for posts about mobile phones: /integrating_ict_into_the_ /mobile_telephones/index.html

SharonPe: yes, Graham - I agree - and I so liked how you showed that in your video for K12

GrahamW: The rant was justified

TerryF: I think k12 Online was excellednt cpd

PaulMRH: Terry bthey haven't seen those pictures with the long hair have they ??? lol

ChrisHa: /skypecasts/skypecast/detailed .html?id_talk=200604

BjB: here here, Graham...wonderful statement

AprilPC joined the room.

TerryF: I also think Coming of Age is too

SharonPe: yes

TerryF: and I am good friends with the editor

PaulMRH: K12 has fired me to do some of the things that I am doing now - thnks guys

TerryF: I also found that the Flat

TerryF: yes

SharonPe: CoA was a great discovery for me - it really galvanized me

TerryF: new version cpoming out soon

TerryF: signed photos of me available on request

SharonPe is a proud contributor!

BjB rolls her eyes

SharonPe gags

PaulMRH: Who is your agent??

TerryF: in theory next wednesday, but I am a little behind

TerryF: I am

TerryF: lol

PaulMRH: lol : )

JeanneS: April,

TerryF: but I am going to be posting it in sections

SilviaT: CoA was one of the first readings about Web 2.0 for me

AprilPC: Hey Jeanne

TerryF: yes, but not enuf Australians

JeanneS: Hey

TerryF: in fact, none

TerryF: That is more than enuf

PaulMRH: No welsh???

TerryF: yes one Welsh

ChrisHa: /skypecasts/skypecast/detailed .html?id_talk=200604

SharonPe: too many Scots

TerryF: I did try, honest

GrahamW: There's nothing left to cover!!

PamWi: Hi Paul - totally lost in this conversation!!LOL

TerryF: Graham, there is! I would like you to contribute

PamWi: 2 welsh

AllanahGst1 joined the room.

PaulMRH: that's ok I am really glad that you have come in on a first time excellent

TerryF: Flat Classrooms wiki is also good cpd

GrahamW: Sure, is there a deadline!

BjB: welcome back, Allanah

JeanneS: April, the link for the skypecast is in the window

AprilPC: thanks

PaulMRH: Pam v true 2 welsh and proud!!

TerryF: the students involved have unearthed and created some great resources

AllanahGst1: Pam are you still here

SharonPe: Terry, Graham did a great job on thee social network as prof deve - is that covered in CoA?

PamWi: yes

TerryF: Graham, the deadline was severeal months ago

TerryF: but I can extend it

TerryF: I'll contact you, but what would u say yr expertise is?

PaulMRH: Pam you will get a transcript of this conversation e-mailed to you later

PaulMRH: keep on trucking chris!!

TerryF: bo, Sharon, thyat would be a great chapter

SharonPe will have to leave soon - various family members are making noises about hunger pains....

JeanneS: Chris, I owe you so much for doing this today!!!

PaulMRH: More drinks for Chris??

SusanR: all registered members of TI will receive a transcript by the way

PaulMRH: Yup - Pam is new to Skype and TI

SharonPe: yes, Graham I agree -

SharonPe: yes - the blog has really done this for me

TerryF: May I mention the Big Blogger Awards?/

BjB . o O ( don't forget that Tapped In is the mother lode of professional dev. )

SharonPe thinks Big Blogger awards are very cool.

PaulMRH: Go Terry

PaulMRH: sorry it was me !!

MaureenB: yes BJB it has kept me going in school this year

BjB, Maureen

SharonPe: my personal social network (whom I call "my peeps" affectionately) have helped me keep my sanity in the last number of months

GrahamW: My "expertise", Terry - Web 2 and interactive whiteboards - or StartPages as a way of managing web 2 content.

GrahamW: The only mug would be mE!

SharonPe: StartPages?

TerryF: lol

GrahamW: You could also use my Idiot At Wrok badge as well.

TerryF: url coming up

PaulMRH: lol Terry

SharonPe: Idiot at work badge - hmmmm.... like the Big Blogger mug better

TerryF: lol @ Graham

SusanR waits anxiously for Terry's site

TerryF: here goes: /artman/publish/article_960 .php

GrahamW: PageFlakes, Netvibes, WebWag etc. /2006/09/16/startpages-a-quick -comparison/

SharonPe: one of my mentors made two suggestions - train your students - and don't wait for peopke to catch up - just keep advancing forward

TerryF: i've just been hailed by some nude guy. Where's the bucket?

GrahamW: Probably Big Blogger is easier on the ego.

TerryF: lol

JeanneS: Terry, he caught me last time!

TerryF: it's disgusting

SharonPe: that's what you get when you have a non-gneder specific name!

PaulMRH: yugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JoeDa: You have to show teachers how these tools can be used practically. The pupils don't need convincing

TerryF: Terry i a man's name

MaureenB: is there a way to stop that

TerryF: idk

JeanneS: You can change your preferences somehow

SharonPe: but get the students on board with using wikis etc and get them to ask for the same from the other teachers....

MaureenB: it makes me afraid to use at school

TerryF: yes

TerryF: by walking the walk

SusanR: assign a student mentor for the teachers

JoeDa: Good point. We now have three teachers who are blogging at my school and the pupils' comments have been very positive

DavidWe: What kind of comments?

JoeDa: We have a Two Stars and a Wish policy

PaulMRH: True Joe - take the making the News work we have been doing the kids give up their lunchtimes without hinking about it at all - whatever the weather 15 people turn up for 40 mins every lunchtime - kids don't need convincing

MaureenB: our middle school has a one on one laptop iniative and they have student mento

GrahamW: I reckon is a good place for teachers to start.

JeanneS: To keep out the unwanted messages....Tools, options, privacy

TerryF: Sharon, I have done that for years, and it never fails

JoeDa: Pupils are meant to give two positive comments about a piece of work (Two stars) and one tick( one thing that can be improved)

DavidWe nods

SusanR: it needs to meet a basic need

SusanR: for teachers and easy to implement

SharonPe: Terry, what have youdone for years? specifically?

JoeDa: Pupils just love having their work published on the net

DavidWe smiles

SharonPe: yes, they do

SharonPe: love to have their stuff put on the web

JoeDa: We have to show teachers how easy it is to use blogs and podcasts to achieve that

SharonPe has family members glaring at her

SharonPe will have to go off and make dinner for them.....

GrahamW: Just-in-time works if you have the availability and time to give to them.

PaulMRH: True Joe ther are so many ways in now I don't think many know how easy they are??

JoeDa: For language teaching web 2.0 tools are particularly exciting

MaureenB: it has made my students excited about writing when they know it will find it's way on to my web page

ChrisHa: bye sharron

SharonPe: don't get me started on that topic, Graham!

JeanneS: Thanks for everything, Sharon!

SharonPe: will check in later - looking forward to seeing the chat!

DavidWe waves to Sharon

SharonPe: thanks for the affirmation Terry

JoeDa: Language teachers in England are starting to blog now

DavidWe: Good Tapped In learning, Sharon

GrahamW: Takeaway, Sharon?

PaulMRH: My kids were so motivated when they saw their stats when they saw that 600 views a month of their work they were so excited

TerryF: yw, Sharon

DavidWe: Indeed

JoeDa: I think my blog is helping in a small way

JoeDa: That's the idea anyway

DavidWe smiles

PaulMRH: With all of us I think we are there trying to kick start this technology

PaulMRH: to get it more the norm than the exception

JoeDa: There is a programme on Teachers TV called Blogosphere about how blogging can motivate primary pupils and their writing skills

JoeDa: /167

TerryF: does anyone know offhand about any youtube videos in which children talk about their experience of using Web 2.0?

PaulMRH: Very much so our link from Wales and NZ has brought us all on so much - more than we expected

TerryF: thx for that link Joe

PaulMRH: and the link between myself and allanah has been fantastic - a learning curve for both of us - over 13,000 miles

PaulMRH: and a hemisphere

DavidWe: very cool

JeanneS: Great idea, Chirs

GrahamW: That breaks the Innovation In Isolation syndrome.

JoeDa: No problem. Teachers TV contacted me in October about the possibility of making a programme about blogging and podcasting in languages, but I won't hold my breath!

PaulMRH: I started by thinking that i could get more happening within wales - I have now realised that you have to find like minded people wherever they are!

JoeDa: They did make it clear that they were interested, but didn't want to raise my hopes too much

PaulMRH: Be it canada, US or S hemisphere

JoeDa: Definitely Paul. Otherwise we wouldn't have met!

TerryF: They keep contacting me too

AprilPC: Our middle school admins have just created a wiki called middle school resource room to help the teachers understand how to collaborate but also help them develop a network of people to connect with.

PaulMRH: True Joe and this netwrok hopefully will grow over time

TerryF: yEs!

AllanahGst1: Paul have you told people aboput the TES article on Skype

JoeDa: At least in England, there are a few of us whereas is Wales you are the only blogger, no?

PaulMRH: No hiding my light under a blanket!!!!

AllanahGst1: Tell them- it's really cool

JeanneS: Idea for next literacy

JoeDa: /integrating_ict_into_the_ /2007/01/lots_of_scope_w.html Have a look at this.

PamWi: I'm off - falling asleep here .. not because of you guys LOL... this was an experience..... for my first time but good to meet you all.

PaulMRH: Joe I now count PamWi ( from Harrow school) as 2nd Welsh edublogger!!!


PamWi: LOL

PaulMRH: lol : )

TerryF: u have a fantastic accent

JoeDa: Cool

BjB: thanks for joining us Pam

TerryF: good point Jeannie

PamWi: 'see' you all gain..... nite all - well from here anyway.

PaulMRH: Take care Pam we will speak very soon - did you talk to Allanah about Wednesday??

BjB: whomever you decide on to lead the next Night is Falling discussion, please email me so I can put it on the calendar

AllanahGst1: What?

TerryF: would be good to have europe-friendly time

PamWi: no but I said I'd ask you to send her my email - OK?

JoeDa: I agree

BjB: if you are not a member of this group in Tapped In I'm going to put the directions in the chat window

BjB: you have to be a member of Tapped In to join the group

TerryF: it's now nearly midnight, on a saturday

JeanneS: Terry..suggest a time

SusanR listens to BjB

TerryF: I should be at a rve

TerryF: (except my wife won't allow it)

TerryF: rave*

JoeDa: For the recent Language Lab Unleashed discussion on Skype in the classroom, Barbara Sawhill did two editions, the first for North America and the second for Europe. It worked very well

BjB: above the chat window is a welcome note. Scroll down on the welcome note to the sentence This is the Group Room for K12Online

GrahamW: It would be 4 am here.

BjB: there is a green i next to the group name

TerryF: maybe we need to rotate the time

AprilPC: I agree.

BjB: click on the green i and you will see the group ID page

TerryF: 5pm is a good time

PamWi: Paul - enjoy the accolades at BETT - I'm going on Saturday.

BjB: then just click on Join this group

JoeDa: /integrating_ict_into_the_ /2006/12/skype_in_the_fo.html

BjB: joining the group will subscribe you to the discussion board in this room so you can get reminders of the next discussion

JeanneS: Graham, what time is it now

JoeDa: I'm speaking at 2.45. My session is called ICT ... so what?

TerryF: I'm going to Bett on wed-Fri

PaulMRH: Joe Dale (JoeDa) will be there on saturday he is gving a seminar in the afternoon

PaulMRH: terry any chance of meeting up Weds??

JoeDa: I'll be recording my session with my iRiver and will post it on my blog afterwards

GrahamW: It's 10.15 am.

DavidWe hopes it goes well

TerryF: why can't we rotate time such that at some point everyone has it at 2pm

JoeDa: I'll also be posting my PowerPoint presentation too as I have done with other conference appearances since September

PamWi left the room (signed off).

JeanneS: Next time...2pm CST, 6am in Australia, 8pm Europe

SilviaT left the room (signed off).

GrahamW: That's OK - after all, Chris did get up at 5 am for the first When Night Falls at K12.

PaulMRH: 6am Aus = 5pm UK

PaulMRH: ish!!!

GrahamW: How many time zones in GB?

TerryF: 5pm is a good time for UK

TerryF: one

GrahamW: or UK?

TerryF: one

GrahamW: OK

PaulMRH: not sure if their 11 or 12 hours ahead - wiki good idea - good idea to make suggestions for next topic

TerryF: there used to be different time zones, but they stopped it about 100 years ago

PaulMRH: it will make it more relevant

JeanneS: http://k12online.wikispaces .com/Free+Falling

GrahamW: Might have some breakfast soon.

TerryF: what's the url for the wiki?

SusanR: Thanks all stomach is rumbling

TerryF: o, ty

TerryF: was that the noise we just heard, Susan?

PaulMRH: Chris we will have to try Flash Meeting for chats

SusanR: perhaps, Terry

PaulMRH: in future

TerryF: I have quite enough of blokes flashing in this meeting

JoeDa: Good idea

AllanahGst1: Cheers everone

DavidWe waves

DavidWe . o O ( blokes flashing, huh? )

PaulMRH: Well done Jeanne and Chris great chat good networking again cool

BjB: thanks, Jeanne and Chris and everyone!

GrahamW: So voicel only skype does have its advantages, Terry.

MaureenB left the room (signed off).

MaureenB joined the room.

DavidWe smiles

PaulMRH: keep the link going its really working

TerryF: ty 4 this

TerryF: ttfl

SusanR: skype for MAc ..what is the latest version?

PaulMRH: bye chris bye Jeanne

DavidWe checks

ChrisHa left the room (signed off).

2007.01.06 15:51:03 Signoff