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SusanR: Hi Chris

ChrisHa: Hi everyone the skype and tapped in chat will start in 45 minutes

ChrisHa: Hi Susan. I need to get all my munchies ready for the "blog club" :-)

ChrisHa: Be Back in a sec

ChrisHa: Tapped In Notes

ChrisHa: 1. to make the chat area larger, go to the Actions menu (just above the chat area) and click on Detach

ChrisHa: 2. to make the text easier to read, go back to Actions and select larger text (you can do this a couple of times)

ChrisHa: 3. suggest that people give their Skype names in the Tapped In chat window

ChrisHa: 4. Remind people to hold down the Ctrl key or right-click on external links

SusanR: I am early.

ChrisHa: Being early is a good thing.

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ChrisHa: I'm back

SusanR . o O ( Skype has you on now )

SusanR: /skypecasts/skypecast/search .html?searchtag=k12online

ChrisHa: come on in

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ChrisHa: Hi Edward

EdwardCl: OK...

SusanR: Chris,

SusanR: can you add that to the wiki

SusanR: my sandbox of 2.0 apps to explore and play

ChrisHa: Do you have the wiki page?

SusanR: I am in the middle of doing a newsletter

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SusanR: I am in does not like editing

SusanR: the editing

ChrisHa: Hmm I do not know about that. What did you want to add?

SusanR: let me rethink this again..don't add yet

SusanR: I have to finish my newsletter

SusanR: be back soon

ChrisHa: Ok

ChrisHa: The skype is on please join when you wish

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ChrisHa: I'm all alone

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ChrisHa: Hi everyone. How do you know that powergramo is working? Should it be red or blue? Shoud I see the pause or the red play buttor? Help

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ChrisHa: Hi paul

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BJB2 waves hi to Chris and Paul

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BJB2: I'll announce in a minute, Chris

BJB2: Hi, Maureen

PaulMRH: Hi Chris how ru you - sorry or not answering earlier bjb was stumbling around trying to find the room!!!!

BJB2: no problem, Paul ;-)

MaureenB waves

BjB: | ANNOUNCEMENT: When Night Falls is starting in the K12 Online room. To participate type /join ChrisHa |

BJB2: if you see this, you're already in the right place

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ChrisHa: Hi everyone.

BJB2 waves hi to Edward

EdwardCl: Hello

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PaulMRH: Hi chris waves

PaulMRH: The technology is out to get us!!!

BJB2: how so, Paul?

PaulMRH: Are you in the skypecast with ChrisHa

BJB2: I'm not

PaulMRH: He has a multitude of windows open on pc!!!!

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BJB2 waves hi to Jeff and Sue

ChrisHa: There are links above in the window

ChrisHa: Skype address /skypecasts/skypecast/detailed .html?id_talk=59031

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BJB2 waves hi to Darren and Jeanne

JeanneS: Hello!

DarrenK: Hi BJ

DarrenK: Hi Jeanne

PaulMRH: Hi Darren and Jeanne

DarrenK: HI Paul

ChrisHa: Want to skype anyone?

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PaulMRH: Do come over to the skypecast that Chris has posted

GlennEM: Howdy everyone

PaulMRH: Howdy Glenn

GlennEM: From Puyallup WA

JeanneS: Hi Glenn

GlennEM: base of the beuatiful Mt. Rainier

GlennEM: Skye name malonege

PaulMRH: Hi bjb in skype

BJB2: hi, Paul

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GlennEM: Listening is good

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PaulMRH: I have been looking at the clandar for TappedIn for the month, there are some interesting discussions that I will try to join in with if time permits ( Xmas in Elementary School!!)

BJB2 waves hi to Sharon

BJB2: great, Paul!

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DarrenK: good one Chris. ;)

PaulMRH: Go Chris we are with you : )

SharonPe: how is everyone tonight? Enough snow for you in Winnipeg, Darren?

DarrenK: BJ, I'm trying to get Joyce Valenza into the room. She forgot here login name and password. Can you help?

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SharonPe: We had nasty freezing rain in Montreal yesterday but clear and cold today

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BJB2: Yes, I can help Joyce

SharonPe: Chris Harbeck, you may want to mute me for a bit - I have multiple teens practicing for a music presentation tomorrow

BJB2 . o O ( just a sec )

GlennEM: Mute is good until we have something to say :)

DarrenK: Great! Thanks BJ.

GlennEM: I vote for Darren to tape

GlennEM: I don't have Power g on this machine yet


PaulMRH: Honest !!!!! wasn't he?

DarrenK: Sorry, can't r4ecord. Don't have the software on this machine. ;(

ChrisHa: Can someone record?

SharonPe: I am trying to record too

GlennEM: I don't recall

SharonPe: and think that green teal is it

JeanneS: I have a digital voice recorder. Will it record this if I load the software quickly?

SharonPe: to record I mean

JeanneS: Let me find it!!!

SharonPe: so I am recording too

JeanneS: I'll be back in a minute

GlennEM: sweet

SharonPe: have 12 teens expected to be here now for a Sunday school play rehearsal (my hubbie's project) so it may get loud in my background - beware

SharonPe: Chris - you may want ot keep me muted (piano and trumpets in my backgroung

ChrisHa: Has anyone defined "best practices" for different content areas using 2.0 tools? If so, where can this be found? If not, would this be an idea worth exploring?

JeffC: how about pasting in some text or urls about what's going on in skype?

GlennEM: Real snow!

GlennEM: making Snow in Winnipeg

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SharonPe: yes, always a good question

ChrisHa: Has anyone defined "best practices" for different content areas using 2.0 tools? If so, where can this be found? If not, would this be an idea worth exploring?

BJB2: Hi, Joyce! Welcome

GlennEM: I lvoe it

SharonPe: what is a best practices

PaulMRH: Chris you may want to mute me while I go to headphones!!

SharonPe: okay - have applied to two conferences (best practices conferences) to present 2.0 tools

BJB2: Lynne Wolters does a monthly discussion here in Tapped In on 2.0 tools

SharonPe: so what is a best practice

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SharonPe: are you unmuting me

BJB2: ack...sound is pretty garbled

JeffC: Best Practices in teaching: http://northonline.sccd.ctc .edu/eceprog/bstprac.htm

JeffC: take a look Sharon

GlennEM: Chris sounds like a klingon to me now...anyone else?

JeanneS: The sound is terrible

GlennEM: Sharon sounds very scary

MaureenB: so I downloaded the software how do I get a user name

SharonPe: I am on wireless right next to tower

SharonPe: should I move to wired??

SharonPe: give me a sec to move to a LAN line

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JeanneS: yes!

GlennEM: I can too

SusanR: Am I on

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JeanneS: I will talk...but I can't find the hand raising button inSkype

PaulMRH: Sorry for dropping in and out -

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SharonPe: okay I am back

SusanR: I am in

ChrisHa: you are next

SharonPe: some tools better suited to cerain content areas

DarrenK: Gee. Thanks. ;)

ChrisHa: /2006/12/01/two-questions/

ChrisHa: is a great site for why students blog

JeanneS: Am I supposed to be able to click on the link in the chat and go to the site?

JeanneS: Wow!!!!!

BJB2: you may want to hold down the ctrl key on your keyboard when you click on the url

JeanneS: What was the novel?

ChrisHa: 4. Remind people to hold down the Ctrl key or right-click on external links

GlennEM: Very cool!

JeanneS: not working for me :-(

ChrisHa: sent to pasteboard and cut and paste

SharonPe: A Tourist's Guide to Glengarry

BJB2: pasteboard is in Actions in the top right of the chat

BJB2: check to see if you have a minimized window, Jeanne

PaulMRH: It must be part of the use of this technology is to give our students a wider audience for their work ( Yeah Sharon )

SharonPe: yes, like Clarence Fisher's stuff

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SharonPe: long way north!! very isolted

ChrisHa: 1) Indeed I think that blogging is different from writing on paper. Why I think this is because that you know that you will be sharing your knowledge and what you have to say, with the rest of the world on your blog making you want to do the best you can and put as much information as you can on your post.Also to find this information to make this blog , while surfing the net you learn to tell the difference between false and true information.

SharonPe: right on!

SharonPe: yes!

PaulMRH: great comment

DarrenK: They should use wikis.

SusanR: who is talking btw

ChrisHa: Sharon P

SusanR: aha

JeanneS: I like all the posts that have been written about commenting lately.

SharonPe: I have an online participation rubric that I created for that purppose

SharonPe: I show my students Vicki Davis's blog entry "How to comment like a king or queen" to show them HOW to comment appropriately

SusanR: lucky her

GlennEM: that's my frustration too!

PaulMRH: very lucky - 1 pc in class of 30 Year 3 pupils!!!!! ( suite access twice weekly)

JeanneS: My phone is back in a minute

SusanR: good grief..I see so many idle labs and idle computers when I sub in various schools

SharonPe: I gotta talk to you Glenn, about how to do prof dev in this situation

ChrisHa: Here is another outtake from the movie...what do you think

ChrisHa: Change from the industrial revolution model. School = Factory. The building was also where the learning took place just like the work was done in a factory. 2.0 schools are not done at the end of the school day..... it continues into the night. This is great for students who are just waking up at 2 pm!! 2.0 extends the school day.

SharonPe: yes

SharonPe: I agree - the walls of the classroom are flattened

DarrenK: Yes, most of my students do their work very early or very late online.

JeanneS: I'm back!

SharonPe: we are extending school outside of the physical classroom

GlennEM: Will do Sharon...Pro Dev has been my work for hte last 3 years

JeanneS: lots of feedback

BJB2: lot of echo

PaulMRH: echooooo

GlennEM: much better

JoyceV: finally, can hear!

ChrisHa: connection is everything. It creates synergy

DarrenK: Welcome to the grou Joyce!

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GlennEM: I can tell my feeble attempts...Weekly Bulletin Blog...Wiki for Bond planning...Google Group for parent for pic sharing

DarrenK: What about our flickr projects? ;)

ChrisHa: That will be next

PaulMRH: hi I will speak on my early efforts

JeanneS: What is Bond planning?

SharonPe: ooooooo Glenn has the power!

SharonPe: to block or unblock....

SharonPe: that must be so discouraging -

SharonPe: Literally, at my school, there are some of us who so want to create our laptop-friendly curric (and teh admin has turned us down) that we are thinking of creating our own committees to do so

PaulMRH: oo hoo chris

SharonPe: because we do NOT have a tech training programme that seems to be working

DarrenK: Why do you think teachers are afraid to get started with using these tools?

SharonPe: it is not fear

ChrisHa: The first step is the hardest.

JeanneS: We are have issues with blocking!

ChrisHa: then it is free whelling

SusanR: I will speak next

SharonPe: it may be ignorance (not knowing)

BJB2: they don't want to appear to know less than the students

JeanneS: Sharon, I agree1

ChrisHa: Susan are you ted and sue?

DarrenK: Yeah, that could be it, but there's more to it I think.

SharonPe: and it is because we teachers are already overwhelmed with work - to use these tools requires an investment of time - precious commodity

BJB2 nods to Sharon...time has become the new four letter word

JeanneS: Sharon, I was thinking the same thing.

DarrenK: fear of tech, fear of change, moving beyond their comfort zone.

MaureenB: some time it is just the time to do it and still plan for your regular day

GlennEM: teachers/adults/immigrants in general are afraid

DarrenK: Is it too "geeky?"

JeanneS: That was a beautiful picture, Chris

DarrenK: Yeah, Maureen, I think that's a big issue ... time.

SharonPe: but I see such a high engagement with my students using these tools - and it is because they are connecting with other students around the world - they love the connectedness

GlennEM: some uses aren't as intuitive as they should be yet

DarrenK: That's true, but it's certain not "ghard."

SharonPe: yes, some can barely turn on a computer - let alone get their mind wrapped around using a blog

GlennEM: Start with reading

BJB2: we have a lot of teachers fearful of logging in to Tapped In

PaulMRH: thanks chris

DarrenK: Why do you think that isd BJ?

BJB2 . o O ( one of the reasons we do the tips and tricks )

DarrenK: Does that draw them in?

BJB2: million dollar question, Darren!

SharonPe: I showed my dept of English the wiki my students created at our dept meeting yesterday - they were very impressed

JeanneS: I think Tapped In is addictive!

BJB2 smiles. True, Jeanne!

DarrenK: I need to play here more often. ;)

PaulMRH: very very true Jeanne

MaureenB: I am addicted but still get lost sometimes

GlennEM: me too

SharonPe: the blockage is sooooo frustrating

SharonPe: yes, my students are indignant that they are not trusted more

SharonPe: they are very well-behaved

JeanneS: That's a great idea!

SharonPe: we have these discussions during class

DarrenK: Are you getting much parental involvement that ?ay Chris

SharonPe: to have parents involved.... that is a great idea

SharonPe: no second life for me

SharonPe: yet

SharonPe: youtube is mostly blocked at our school

GlennEM: I have a seocnd life acount...wildwood wildcat

JeanneS: YouTube is blocked at our school

GlennEM: look me up there

PaulMRH: Yes if you get the parents involved you are on the way to winning I think

ChrisHa: Perhaps it is the students that have to train the adults in the new technology??

MaureenB: We have a laptop initative in our middle school the minute you block something, they students find a way around it

SusanR: SecondLife..amazing

PaulMRH: very true

ChrisHa: How are we training the students and getting ourselves trained to stay current?

ChrisHa: Perhaps it is the students that have to train the adults in the new technology??

SharonPe: RSS rocks for that

DarrenK: My kids started using it this week.

GlennEM: in my district

JeanneS: Can you give us the link, Darren?

SusanR: excellent..bubblesahre

PaulMRH: Yes had 10 year old showing a teacher how he was going to upload a file from a flash drive and import it into an Audacity Podcast !!!

SharonPe: podcasts

SharonPe: listening to podcasts has given me a leg up

SharonPe: rss and podcasts have transformed how I can keep up

ChrisHa: studentblogandwikitools

GlennEM left the room (signed off).


SusanR: because I am not teaching on a regular basis

PaulMRH: We got our link with New Zealand entirely through podcasting and leaving comments on each others podcasts

SharonPe: so cool Paul!

SharonPe: this is how we can connect - you know how psyched students are when they realize someone from another part of the world has read/listened to their material!

PaulMRH: Yes and the skype link is keeping it 'real' we the teachers talk to each others classes and then play the recorded skype to our pupils the next day - then we podcast to each other

SharonPe: yes Paul

SharonPe: then they see we are also authentic in our uses of these tools

PaulMRH: That's so true

PaulMRH: the tool is irrelevant its what we are doing that is most important

SharonPe: you know, my own questions are "what is a best practice?" - how do we define that?? is there something out there that states such and so? and the other question - how do we evangelize this stuff without proselytizing (and turning people off)??

GlennEM joined the room.

BJB2: wb, Glenn

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ChrisHa: /94597307@N00/312125395/ is what Darren is talking about

PaulMRH: I think that the most important part is asking - what do you want to do??? then showing how 2.0 can acheive it in a relevant way

JeanneS: Chris, will you put all of these links in the wiki?

ChrisHa: yes

SharonPe: Great stuff, Darren! How cool is this! to me, this is a great example, too, of multiple literacies

SharonPe: you know, my school blocked my use of FF earlier this week - took we colleagues only a few minutes to find a workaround....

JeanneS: Why would your school block Firefox>

SharonPe: yes, thinking outside the box

PaulMRH: That flickr stuff is really amazing

SharonPe: They blocked FF because our school does not "support" it (IE is pushed instead) and the web blokcer does not work on FF (but it does)

SusanR . o O ( a plug for Tappedin [[ to Tappedin/borat.jpg| /bimage/trebuc/mtv/Welcome+to +Tappedin%0D%0A%0D%0A/borat .jpg]] LOL )

SharonPe: yes relevancy and currency

ChrisHa: is anyone highpark75?

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SharonPe: yes, without the tools we have not been able to do

SharonPe: I like that

SharonPe: I agree _ I am highly into efficiency - if something costs me more time - forget it!

SharonPe: wikis have been so freeing from having to create a webpage or template that I had to before to broadcast or publish student material

SharonPe: and they are SUPERIOR to the previous model because they give opportunity for collaboration and discussion and use of history

ChrisHa: How do you create a knowledge worker? A critical consumer and producer of information.

SusanR: learning curve is very easy for many of these tools ie bubbleshare, odeo etc

SharonPe: you show them the tools of the Internet

DarrenK: Teaach them how to analyse data and check validity of sources?

GlennEM: Not the way we've always done it...Ian Jukes calls it TTWWADI...He says we need a few committed sardines like your selves.

DarrenK: Got to go .... family is calling. ;-)

GlennEM: bye Darren

DarrenK: Thanks for a fun time folks. Cheers!

BJB2 waves bye to Darren

PaulMRH: Bye darren Paul waves

DarrenK left the room (signed off).

JeanneS: Bye Darren

JoyceV joined the room.

JoyceV: i couldn't chat till now

BJB2: yay! Joyce is back!

JoyceV: i would love to chat a little

CherylO joined the room.

CherylO: hello

SharonPe: thought I had the latest version - but seems I have not

SharonPe: hi Cheryl

ChrisHa: Hi cheryl

ChrisHa: In the movie about the SLA, Chris talks about the aim of School 2.0 as being 'student-centered, constructivist, to teach kids to be critical consumers and producers of information'. What professional development approaches and methods are being used to raise teacher awareness and use of information and digital literacy tools?

CherylO: Hello, are you in skypecast too

JeanneS: yes

SusanR: yes

SharonPe: /skypecasts/skypecast/detailed .html?id_talk=59031

JeanneS: I have a story to share as well.

ChrisHa: ok

JoyceV: must go, but I think we need to rethink tools for info fluency 2.0. what does evaluation look like now? what are new copyright.intellectual property ethics

JoyceV: there is so much more to rework!

JoyceV: how does searching change

SusanR: teachers need a day each week for PD and tech exploration

JeanneS: Susan, I agree!

SusanR: a slightly longer teaching day and a day off for PD

SusanR: and planning

JoyceV: you must also feel free to take some risks

PaulMRH: very much agree Susan

GlennEM: Good point Joyce

SusanR: we are the innovators

GlennEM: or is this SUsan talking

SusanR: Joyce

SharonPe: yes, I agree, we seem to be our own audience

SharonPe: so much of the time

CherylO: our students will begin demanding this kind of engagement

ChrisHa: is anyone bigboss57

SharonPe: yes, each of us are doing our own work - BUT what web 2.0 allows is the social networking that did not exist before

JeanneS: I have learned so much through networking

CherylO: what movie?

GlennEM: Enjoy the movies Nativity ?

CherylO: cool

PaulMRH: It is growing though Joyce - I was speaking to a group of IT teachers last week and they did know something about blogs and podcasting - but the tech has to be relevant to what our colleagues want to do- they have to need to

PaulMRH: Well done from UK

SharonPe: social networking is SOOOOO important at this stage because we NEED the support to keep going

JoyceV: thanks

GlennEM smiles

CherylO: I am always surprised when people haven't heard about a blog, or web 2.0 tools?

SharonPe: some people have their heads buried in the sand

GlennEM: I am too!

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JeanneS: Maybe you could turn down your speaker whil you are talking?

GlennEM: Even among those that should know

SharonPe: I will be giving workshops in Jan about wikis and podcasting

BJB2 . o O ( two wiki discussions next week in Tapped In )

SharonPe: cool - should check it out

BJB2: wikispaces and a wiki for schools

PaulMRH: I am planning to show my colleagues how to use podcasts in their classes in Jan.

GlennEM: I vote for Chris any seconds?

SharonPe: I vote for Glenn - any seconds??

GlennEM smiles

PaulMRH: Yeah Chris second from Paul

JeanneS: Someone just sent me a picture of a naked man through Skype!

SusanR . o O ( Click on the calendar for some super events here )

CherylO: chris this is great you are doing great.

SharonPe: please join us - WOW"

SharonPe: WOW2

SharonPe: yes, please get your mind out of the gutter!!

SharonPe: yes, was approached last week by someone who decided to include his webcam and a pic of himself....

SusanR . o O ( I have been attending some Skypecasts each night this week ..just to become more confident with skypecasting..and the topics are so mundane and ridiculous )

GlennEM: Project name?

CherylO: like which ones have you attended Susan?

CherylO: you should join us on Tues. at 9 pm



SusanR: Movies .. learning english ..

PaulMRH: I think that these skype chats a very important to keep the 2.0 education community growing - it spins off new ideas to us all - I started a wiki for welsh edu-bloggers following the K12 conference ( only 4 of us there but its a start )

SusanR: the Jewish home, Cheryl

GlennEM: Men too?

PaulMRH: Are we all welcome??

ChrisHa: I'm a member

SharonPe: yes, you are honourary friends of WOW2

CherylO: men too

PaulMRH: well done chris

SharonPe: I am a WOWser

CherylO: wow2

JeanneS: I am going to NSDC next week. Is anyone else going to be there?

SharonPe: I think I am supposed to be moderating WOW2 this week - yikes!

SusanR: btw Jen Wagner is a member of the WOW2 group and Sharon too

JeffC left the room (signed off).

CherylO: Sharon r, I think this is your week to talk about all you've been up to.

PaulMRH: This is much better chris than some of the sessions last time - much less feedback and quicker muting of 'strange' visitors

PaulMRH: need ejector seat button

JeanneS: You have done a great job@

CherylO: Paul, I would like the eject seat with the hosting.

PaulMRH: Chris Great Job - its 23.25 here great evening chat

GlennEM: Great Job Chris!

CherylO: Chris nice job.

ChrisHa: Technology is fantastic but for what? Process orientated? Technology can't wag the dog.

CherylO: The media is the message! It is so true.

JeanneS: I have enjoyed this!

SusanR: I will

CherylO: sorry I was late

BJB2: Thanks, Chris, and everyone. Interesting discussion!

SusanR: give me the Mike please

CherylO: go Susan!

GlennEM smiles

BJB2: I look forward to the next K12Online discussion

PaulMRH: Very much so Chris - people need to want to do something - then there is the opportunity to show them web 2.0 stuff without making it too heavy !!

GlennEM: So I can really become a Women of Web member? :)

CherylO: yes, please become a member Glenn

CherylO: We have over 200 people in the group

PaulMRH: Glenn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GlennEM smiles

PaulMRH: Bless you

CherylO: you will podcast this, where?

JeanneS: Yum@

SusanR: Cheryl..where is Jen Wagner

JeffC joined the room.

CherylO: DOn't know where she is tonight/afternoon

SharonPe: not sure where Jen is tonight

SharonPe: thought she signed up

CherylO: hey jeffc

SusanR: She is always online

GlennEM: Homework?

JeffC waves

GlennEM: Question

PaulMRH: Homework !!!!!!

CherylO: when is the next show? Sat.

CherylO: create onlne homework times

SharonPe: so cool

GlennEM: Evangelize!

ChrisHa: It will be in January

SharonPe: great for you!

BJB2: this room is always available to you for real time text chats

CherylO: there are more times of web 2.0 on and

CherylO: yes, send remindes

GlennEM: I am a tapped member

PaulMRH: good idea : ) paul smiles

BJB2: being a tapped In member is not the same as becoming a member of this group

PaulMRH: I am a member

BJB2: above this chat window is a welcome note

CherylO: oh, I need to join this group!

GlennEM: the k12 group?

GlennEM: Am I a member?

BJB2: scroll down on the welcome note to This is the group room for K-12 Online with the green i next to the group name

PaulMRH: Cool thanks

GlennEM: I'm not I would join any group taht would have me as a memeber

BJB2: if you haven't joined, you will see a link at the top of the group ID page to join this group

BJB2 chuckles ....go for it, Glenn!

GlennEM: Bye all

SusanR: I am joined

CherylO: post show


PaulMRH: bye Glenn

CherylO: i am joined

GlennEM: Cya Paul

CherylO: the homework was actually a good thing to try

SusanR: I love flashr

CherylO: what is flashr

GlennEM: Me too!

PaulMRH: I'm off to play with the new MacBook I got today ( yippeee )

BJB2 waves bye and heads for the ASO Tips and Tricks

CherylO: i love my macbook paul, 3 months old

SusanR: I am off ... thanks

CherylO: thanks see you next month!

JeanneS: I've got to go buy pants for my 13yo for his band concert. He hates trying on clothes!

PaulMRH: Just out of box 6 hours ago - need help with transfering dv video from camera to laptop - if anyone can help!!

CherylO: not my expertise

SusanR: super session

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SusanR: What time is the session again

ChrisHa: in 7 minutes!

SusanR: Thanks

SusanR: Here is the link

SusanR: /desktop/84584016@N00/50

SusanR: fun with Flickr toys

ChrisHa: I'll do my best

SusanR: to the wiki

ChrisHa: I have added a link to the wiki and am working some other details out. But your link is there

SusanR: Thank you so much

ChrisHa: do you know you are not in the k12 room?

SusanR: yes

ChrisHa: ok

ChrisHa: can you send me the embeded code to add this to the wiki?

SusanR: I am still new to wikis

Private dialog with: CherylO

CherylO: Hi Chris, whre are you?

CherylO: I am here for k12 online