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Question: Hi! I teach at a private school in rural NC, very small school. I teach computers to grades 3-12. Computers/technology is not stressed here--many of the parents don't really know much about computers and I suspect they don't want to either! Many parents are farmers. Our computers are OLD OLD OLD! Any suggestions on ways to bring us up to modern civilization? I am trying to introduce students to many parts of technology but we just do not have all the equipment they need! Even with keyboarding we have no software! ARGH!


Answered by Darren: Actually, one of the presentations next week is specifically about the obstacle you are facing! It's called Trash to Treasures: Creating Your Own Computer Lab by Brandi Caldwell. I'll link to it here when it gets published (Thursday November 2, 2006). If you don't get the answers you're looking for throw them back at us ... someone somewhere will have some good ideas for you. ;)

Question: I have included this question in the FAQ without an answer. What software are folks using to record the skypecast?
I have been experimenting with Audacity, but it seems to be awkward (I only have the option of microphone or stereomix for input--which seems to record the speaker or myself--I can't seem to get both at the same time, and the stereo mix seems to create an echo for the other party). I am also testing HotRecord (allows for a 2 min test)and Pamela (allows for a 30-day trial for the Pro version; it records in wav; can import into Audacity to change to an mp3 file).

Answered by Darren (Oct 29): We're looking at two different shareware packages; one for mac, one for PC. They have a free trial period which we're hoping to take advantage of. Stay tuned, we'll be providing more details about this VERY soon in the FAQ (where I basically added this same response -- sorry we didn't get back to you sooner.) ;-)