Please leave your homework behind underneath the trial set. Include your image and a link to the super cool image from Flickr.



Cool Flickr Link

Here is how this image becomes super cool at Flickr.
Chris Harbeck
I know this is not part of the homework but I am proud of these 2 10 minute efforts in movie making.

Both movies were made using Jumpcut

Introducing Glenn E. Malone with this Pic this Set & this Map & Splashr

external image 306366904_cf7bf91c45.jpg?v=0

Jeanne Simpson - Link to the notes on the tools I use!

external image 309780689_7cc048ea9f.jpg?v=0

Julie Lindsay A quick example...this is such fun but no time to do anything more today! Link to Flickr


FlickR from CherylOakes

Check out the photo here for Flickr notes.

From Susan r
Here is a Splashr