Things to be done (not necessarily in this order):

Before the meeting

  1. Pick a date and time
    • I had some trouble sharing the time correctly. Maybe someone can help out. I wanted the Skype room open earlier so I could check my sound and gather my thoughts before the Skypecast began. However, there were people who thought it began earlier than I was planning for. How should I have organized that so other people would not be confused?
    • Because we have a global audience, a time zone converter was posted on the January planning page. That wil need to be placed somewhere else (maybe in the sidebar under tools?) for the next meeting.
  2. Pick a discussion topic (or two)
  3. Assign "homework"
  4. Post this information on the wiki and in Tapped In
  5. Set up the skypecast by clicking on this link and filling in the required information. This will help publicize the skypecast.
  6. Publicize the event
    • Tapped In messages to K12 online room members
    • Email BJ Berquist at Tapped In in time for her to get it on the monthly calendar
    • Post a badge from Skype about the Skypecast on the wiki, your blog, etc
    • Tell everyone you know about it!
  7. Post link to skypecast and tapped in in easy to find places
  8. Set an agenda
  9. Have discussion prompts typed in another application like notepad that are ready to be cut and pasted into the chat room at Tapped In to keep the discussion going there.

During the meeting

  1. Host the Skypecast (This must be the person who set up the skypecast.)
    • Use a windows environment and Skype 3.0. It is the best user interface I have found. the Mac much harder to use. It will make your skypecast go much smoother.
    • You will be busy trying to determine who is actually interested in educational technology and who is roaming through the skypecasts looking for random conversations.
    • Unmute people who are wanting to speak
  2. Lead the discussion (I found this to be a full-time job)
    • Plan what questions you are going to asking, so that when there is a lull in the conversation you don't have deadly silence. I had a hard copy of my agenda in front of me so that there was one less thing to find on my screen.
    • Watch the chat window for discussion that can be extended. Encourage people to talk about the things they are IM'ing.
    • I would not recommend using a wireless connection. I think that was part of my problem with sound today.
    • Try to give everyone an opportunity to speak. Encourage everyone to share their skype name. You may need to send people the skype link.
  3. Lead the chat (I can't type and talk at the same time. Typing can also be heard through the mic)
    • I may just be too old to multi-task this way, but I could not keep up with very much note-taking. It was wonderful to have a couple of people putting links and other info in the chat box so it could be saved for the transcript.
    • Those who are sharing thoughts through chat need to be encouraged, and someone should probe their thinking by asking clarifying questions.
** The chat leader can also point out items that the discussion leader has overlooked. I went back and listened to the skypecast, read the Tapped In transcript, and put show notes in the wiki simultaneously. There were many things that I didn't hear and see today because I was focused on moderating. I also stopped the recording several times and I reread sections of the transcript in order to get all the notes down.

After the meeting

  1. Post the recording of the session to the wiki
  2. Post the chat transcript to the wiki
  3. Clean up the sidebar and pages for this month: link what is important to that month's page and leave it ready for next month.
  4. Leave a nice version of show notes on the wiki for posterity :-)