Post your podcast below. Thanks to Darren for the instructions on publishing podcasts!

There are lots of ways of publishing podcasts. One of the easiest is using Odeo. Odeo generates some html code that you can copy and paste into your blog. It embeds a flash player for your podcast right in the blog post. The down side is that you can only publish up to 3 mintes of audio at a time (I think). If you buy a paid account the time limit is removed.

My prefered way of creating podcasts is using Audacity to record the audio and do the post production. I posted about using audacity on one of my class blogs here. (There's even a screencast tutorial to using Audacity.)

I like using to host the mp3 files. Registration and uploading is a little cumbersome but they store all your media, for free, forever.

Once you've made your podcast and hosted it on a server somewhere (another hosting option is -- 25 GB, that's not a typo, of free space -- or podomatic) just create a link to it here.

I think that I have done my homework. I published to Itunes and it played on my machine. I then went to ourmedia and posted it there. It is rough and done very quickly. I will redo it when there is time. I used garageband on the mac to create it. I did not know anybetter. January 06 The Big Snow Podcast? Still need to work on somethings. My Podcast!! Enjoy Chris

I wrestled unsuccessfully with Ourmedia for while, and finally gave up and tried Odeo. It was amazingly easy, and I don't think there is a 3 minute limit. The timer on my recording said 1 hour. (Don't worry, I didn't talk nearly that long!) Anyway, here it is. It is not very exciting, but I have now done my first podcast! -- Jeanne
Update...It worked, and it could not have been easier to do!!!!

I am going to cheat a bit, if I might, because my cold right now has made podcasting quite a horrid thing to listen to, so......I am going to share a podcast I created on December 13th. I used Skype's recorder Pamela and then took it into Audacity to fix the mix a bit. The skype was created with 75 2nd grade students from New York (I am in CA). We were participating with Walden Media to break the Guiness Book World Record for simultaneous reading of a book. As of today, our reading is still the only SKYPECHAT that is represented in the project by Walden Media, so we are getting a bit of attention. I hope you enjoy...........Click HERE to listen.
Jennifer Wagner,

Okay, I did something a little different for my podcast.... I used an Olympus digital voice recorder and interviewed my fourteen year old daughter, Meg, about her use of online social spaces such as myspace, fictionpress, iLike, and facebook. It was a terrific interview, but I was disappointed with the audio quality - such a newbie at this. And, of course, I have the drawback of working with a PC, not a MAC! Any hints or suggestions about editing an audio file (with audacity, presumably) would be appreciated. I used both high pass and low pass filters to get rid of the scratchy "s" noises.
My discussion and thoughts behind this podcast can be found on my blog - Musings, A Real Teen Talks about Blogging and Social Spaces.

The Podcast has been uploaded to PodoMatic.
Sharon Peters, skype name = eebee1,

Darren Kuropatwa: I'm going to cheat a little bit too in that I'm sharing a couple of podcasts I've made previously. These ones were done with my students, both grade 12 classes: Pre-Cal 40S and Applied Math 40S. They were recorded at the end of the last school year. I call them podcapsules. Here is a more recent one I did with Bud Hunt where we talked about our "Back To School" plans.