The Urgency of Web 2.0 and Ideas for the Next Meeting

Notes from the first hour can be found here.

What is the best thing about Web 2.0?
GrahamW: Connection to others.
Chris: The world shrinks.

What got you into using Web 2.0 Tools?
SusanR: I was exploring anything I could use that was FREE.. I believe I started with photosharing and blogging site like
Terry Freedman: It was a natural outcome of everything else I was doing.
John: Heard Alan November speak, began blogging, started using a wiki last spring. Saw other teachers get excited about using wikis because they were easier than making web pages.

What is the first Web 2.0 tool you used?
SusanR: blogging of course for most of us!!
BjB: Tapped In!
SharonPe: self-induced blogging.... nicenet, moodle....
JoeDa: I'm a Tapped in newbie. I started with blogging and then podcasting later having played around with Audacity
SharonPe: think I was blogging before I knew anyone else, in real life, was doing it
MarleneK: Rainbow MOO, and DU, then Tapped In

Other cool tools
AllanahGst4: I have just found out about using Flock as a web broweser in Web2.0 which is great

SusanR: "Filamentality is a fill-in-the-blank tool that guides you through picking a topic, searching the Internet, gathering good Internet links, and turning them into online learning activities. Support is built-in along the way through Mentality Tips. In the end, you'll create a web-based activity you can share with others even if you don't know anything about HTML or serving web pages.
DarrenK: I think Filamentality is a bridge .... web 1.5 ;-)

BJ shared some information about Tapped In. NASA will be adding a resource room soon. Unless someone will come back to Tapped In three times, they will not be comfortable using it.

JoeDa: I put a video on my blog on Thursday about the conference I organised in October and used Blip.TV which allows you to have a player on your blog but with no link to the site itself. So pupils don't run the risk of seeing something inappropriate. Here is the link: /integrating_ict_into_the_ /2007/01/conference_film.html

Sharon interviewed her daughter about her use of social networking tools. In addition to the usual ones, she enjoys using I Like (for sharing music) and Fiction Press (peer review, comments). /entry/2007-01-05T21_13_56-08 _00 /

SusanR: brainbased blogging http://brainbasedbloggin a good reference

JohnEv: Re: Social Networking ... I posted on my blog IMYM Tutorials the other day about LibraryThing - This is a great site for sharing your reading materials. Have put together a group called "Web 2.0 Innovative Thinkers" if anyone would care to join.

JeffC: I will be conducting a 6 hour workshop at the NECC 2007 Conference on Saturday June 23rd from 8a.m. to 2p.m. Eastern. I will be using Tapped In, and several other methods for this, and will invite members to login and conduct their own breakout sessions during the second half. My proposal can be found at: /FORMS/CFP/cfp_summary.php ?formid=38125820&sessionid �0�40132634&ftl_sid�1�622a4c82914b 560ae845cd4c05781bb9 or so... if you'd like to be part of it... let me know... I'll be revising the proposal as it develops... but if you have something to collaborate with NECC participants, here is a chance to do it from your living room.

GrahamW: On the topic of mobile/cell phones, check out these posters from my 2006 class. /album/93869.fdb66b7a6ce /overview
JoeDa: Here's a link for posts about mobile phones: /integrating_ict_into_the_ /mobile_telephones/index.html

SusanR: There is some excellent prof dev right here at tappedin See the online calendar /do/CalendarAction

JoeDa: Here are some links for the conference plus other things we've done at my school: /integrating_ict_into_the_ /nodehill/index.html

SharonPe: my social network in the last 6 months has given me more prof dev than anything the school has ever provided

TerryF: Flat Classrooms wiki is also good cpd. The students involved have unearthed and created some great resources

GrahamW: PageFlakes, Netvibes, WebWag etc. /2006/09/16/startpages-a-quick -comparison/

Innovation in Isolation
Sharon Peters...I need to connect you with Aimee Smith. Her school began a laptop initiative this year also. (Jeanne)

We need to be reaching outside the school walls.

TerryF: in my experience, the best integration of ICT takes place when the subject specialsts want it to hapopen, not when the ed tech co-ordinator wants it to

JoeDa: It is true that we now have a lot of hardware, but teachers need continual training to get them up to speed

GrahamW: What Web 2 has done has allowed me to take control of my own PD

SilviaT: CoA was one of the first readings about Web 2.0 for me

The Big Blogger Award
TerryF: here goes: /artman/publish/article_960 .php

Spreading the word
SharonPe: one of my mentors made two suggestions - train your students - and don't wait for peopke to catch up - just keep advancing forward

JoeDa: You have to show teachers how these tools can be used practically. The pupils don't need convincing.

SharonPe: but get the students on board with using wikis etc and get them to ask for the same from the other teachers....

TerryF: by walking the walk

SusanR: assign a student mentor for the teachers

JoeDa: Good point. We now have three teachers who are blogging at my school and the pupils' comments have been very positive.

April shared that her school system created an inservice based on K12 Online. She is a friend of mine, and I can get more information if anyone is interested.

Sharon: It needs to be relevant.

SusanR: it needs to meet a basic need for teachers and easy to implement

JoeDa: Pupils just love having their work published on the net.

Sharing a cluster map of visitors can get other teachers excited

Terry uses "just-in-time" learning and modelling. Be sure to give them what they need.

MaureenB: it has made my students excited about writing when they know it will find it's way on to my web page

Jeanne likes collaborating with another teacher to keep her motivated.

JoeDa: There is a programme on Teachers TV called Blogosphere about how blogging can motivate primary pupils and their writing skills /167

Collaborating with teachers in another hemisphere
Because our school years start at different times, students in one hemisphere could mentor students in another hemisphere in the use of Web tools.

Ideas for next month
Suggested topic - Global Literacy by Clarence Fisher
It would be great for someone from the Southern Hemisphere to host so that the time would be convenient for them for a change.
There is a page listing things to do if you moderate. The job could be shared by several people.
What time?
TerryF: 5pm is a good time (Europe)
JeanneS: Next time...2pm CST, 6am in Australia, 8pm Europe - Are these times synchronized correctly?
PaulMRH: 6am Aus = 5pm UK
Is there another audio program that would work better than Skype?
PaulMRH: Chris we will have to try Flash Meeting for chats
JeanneS: I really like Elluminate, but I don't think that it is free. It is nice to have a place where anyone who is legitimately interested in our discussion can easily find us and participate. However, the other people wandering through offering phone sex, etc. are quite annoying. It is difficult to sort out who is who in skype when there are 30 or 40 people in the room. How would it work to use the private chat or conference call feature in Skype? Is there a limit to the number of people that can be added? Is there another VOIP that is not quite as popular as Skype?