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The first hour: Introductions and Podcasting

The second hour is on this page.

After a rocky start, we began by introducing ourselves. Here are the participants (Please add your name if I overlooked you):
  1. Chris Harbeck,Winnipeg, Canada (grade 8 math) charbeck1
  2. Vinnie Vrotny, Winnetka, IL, US , (I teach a digital publishing course and an intro to programming course. Most of my work is helping teacher and students implement technology into the curriculum, from pre-k through 12th grade) vvrotny
  3. Marsha Ratzel, Prairie Village,KS
  4. Jeanne Simpson, Decatur, AL (7th grade math) jeannes1109
  5. Jennifer Wagner, Corona, CA (helps teachers use technology) Jenw0424
  6. Graham Wegner, Adelaide, SA, Australia (5th & 6th grade) graham_wegner
  7. Susan Roseman, Ottawa, Canada tedandsue
  8. Paul Harrington, Gilwern, Wales pj23harry (PaulMRH in TI?)
  9. John Evans, St. Francois Xavier, Canada (principal, grade 4 technology and science) joevans12
  10. Allanah K, Nelson, New Zealand allanahk
  11. Nancy Scofield, Colorado, US nancy.scofield
  12. Silvia Tolisano, Jacksonville, FL, US
  13. Sharon Peters, Montreal, Canada, Gr. 7 (12-13), Gr. 9 (14-15), eebee1
  14. Darren Kuropatwa, Winnipeg, Canada, dkuropatwa
  15. Joe Dale, Newport, Isle of Wight, joedale100
  16. Cheryl Oakes, Wells, ME cheryloakes
  17. Maureen Beyrer, New York (4th grade), mbeyrer
  18. BJ Berquist, Tapped In moderator
  19. David Weksler, Tapped In HelpDesk volunteer, leads a discussion about math education and technology in TI, New Jersey
  20. Marlene K, Alberta, Canada, (I used to teach Jr High Science and was involved in global communication projects with my students in Russia. Moving now to audio using skype for educational forums.), mkonduc
  21. Pam Wi, UK
  22. Terry Freedman

Participants shared how they are using podcasting in education.

Tutorials for podcasting The best one is Assignment: Podcast by British Telecom

Questions about podcasting
  • My podcast had a lot of mushy "s" sounds - how can I filter that out?
  • I am looking for some good tutorials for using garageband and podcasting .. I have looked at the Apple site..but looking for something more step by step with the current version of Garageband. Have a look at Atomic Learning -

Misc. Suggestions
Here is a link for a great app - levelator - which levels the different audio levels in your wav files

Free Math Videos Online – An excellent math podcast featuring a large collection of free animated math videos and other great resources for students and teachers.
JenW: My is pairing teachers up together i Tools of Web 2.0 podcasting, wiking, blogs, etc
DavidWe: Radio Willow Web, Kids in elementary school podcasting, Wonderful teacher, Tony Vincent, from an elementary school in Omaha, Nebraska led a discussion a year ago, I believe.

DarrenK: A link to my whiplash! workshop which deals with RSS, Social Bookmarking, Wikis, Podcasting and other Cool Tools ...

JoeDa: Here are all the posts I've written about podcasting on my blog: /integrating_ict_into_the_ /podcasting/index.html

Several people expressed interest in linking up with students from other parts of the world
If you would like to find another classroom to work with your students, leave your name, email, and other information here.

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