February Blog Club

We need someone to take on the task of running the Blog Club for February 3rd or 10th? Anyone interested?

I will be glad to co-host with someone from the Southern Hemisphere. I have updated the Moderator's Cheat Sheet with what I learned from doing the January meeting. If someone will take the "Before the Meeting" portion, I would love to do one of the "During the Meeting" jobs. Any takers? ---Jeanne

I am going to take back my offer to help on the 3rd. I will be in Washington, D.C. with my husband! (Jeanne)

January Blog Club

We discussed iPods in Education and Sharing Web 2.0 with other teachers on Saturday, January 6, 2007.
Participant sign-up
Planning Page
Discussion Prompts
Podcast Homework
Tapped in Transcript
Show notes Part 1 (hour 1 - podcasting) and Part 2 (hour 2 - Web 2.0)
Skypecast recording below

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December Blog Club

Freefalling Blog Club First Date December Blog Club
This was a discussion about the 21st C School. It happened on December 9th,2006
Free Falling Planning Page For December is what started this idea.
Tapped in Transcript For December
Discussion Questions
Flickr Homework

Things to do when you volunteer to host.

If you are interested in hosting a monthly meeting of the blog club, check out this page for a list of things to do.