Date: Saturday, January 6, 2007

Time: 4:00 pm CST

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Topics: iPods in Education and Spreading the Word about Web 2.0


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Topic 1

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In honor of this season of gift-giving, we are going to listen to Silvia Tolisano tell us how to use our new mp3 players for educational purposes! The title of her session is “iPods- iSpeak- iSing- iListen- iLearn”. Her presentation is in a 38 minute mp3 file, and show notes are posted on her blog. Silvia teaches Spanish to elementary students, but the ideas she presents can be applied to any age and subject areas. Here's our assignment:

  1. Listen to Silvia's presentation.
  2. Make a list of ways an mp3 player could be used in your classroom.
  3. Post questions you have about mp3 player use to this page.
  4. Extra credit: Create a podcast and post a link to it on this page.

Topic 2

Click here for notes from the meeting.
I am being a little selfish and choosing something that I need help with! I have listened to Graham Wegner's presentation called “No Teacher Left Behind - The Urgency Of Web 2.0.″ He hosts a 47 minute video podcast in which he asks several teachers from around the world to answer the following questions:


It is very interesting to me to hear other teachers consider these questions. Graham mentions that many of us are practicing
"INNOVATION IN ISOLATION." Is this your situation? Let's share the following (bonus points for making it into a podcast!):
  1. How did you get started using Web 2.0?
  2. Were you a reluctant beginner, or were you eager to jump on board?
  3. What was the first Web 2.0 tool that you used?
# Are you isolated in your use of Web 2.0, or are there others in your school who are excited about this as well?
  1. What have you done to increase educator awareness of Web 2.0? What was the response?
# Have you tried any of Graham's suggestions? Are you a flea?

Here are some links to resources:
Presentation to view on computer
Podcast in iTunes (I'm not sure this link will work. If not, search iTunes Music Store for k12 online. It is listed under K12 Online Conference 2006 Week 2 Feed. You can listen on your iPod!) Mike Seyfang has created an mp3 version of the presentation as well.
Show notes
Possible solutions

I am looking forward to January! --- Jeanne

Comments, Concerns, Suggestions...

I was totally bummed that I couldn't make the December meeting, but i was already committed to teaching a science class at the museum. I am able to participate any Saturday or Sunday in January except for January 20th. Hopefully my team will be competing at our first Lego League robotics competition. Talk about into technology way over your head. That's a whole other conversation!!!! If we don't meet on the 20th, I'm in.

I love the idea of working on really getting off the starting blocks with my iPod. I've been meaning to do something, but haven't had that compelling reason/deadline to force me to actually do something. This would be a great topic for me...even if my product stinks, it will be a beginning.