When Night Falls ...

WhenNightFalls.jpgThe K12 Online 2006 closing event will begin on November 4, 12:00 am GMT. It will be a 24 hour long worldwide skypecast-vyew desktop sharing-networking-chat experience. As night falls across the planet, educators across the globe will come online to connect and reflect about their experiences at K12 Online 2006.

We're still in the planning stages and we need your help. (Join our skypecast on Wed Oct 11th at 9 pm US Central time to discuss ideas if you can.) Since it's going to run for 24 hours we're looking for people who are willling to be moderators for this event. We're currently developing some screen casts that detail the responsibilities of the When Night Falls moderators.

In brief, each moderator will:
• host and moderate the skypecast for 1-2 hours -- if you don't know how to do that, we'll teach you!
• moderate a chat room provided by Tapped In. We'll provide the link, the chat record will be archived automatically.
• over the course of their show, record some information on a wiki, solicited from the participants, to help us create an even better experience next year. Ask people to share their:
- bouquets (what we did well)
- brickbats (what we didn't do well)
- suggestions for next year
• after your show, write a 200 word or less summary on the wiki of what the discussion was about during your segment.
• record the audio, if you don't know how to do that, we'll teach you! dropload.com the audio file to Sheryl when you're done.
• encourage everyone to register their participation by entering their location and blog address on a Frappr map which we'll set up in advance.

Afterwards, all this will be published to the conference blog and archived for posterity ... for anyone who missed out and wants to relive the experience vicariously. ;-)
So what do you say?
I want to be a moderator!
Neat idea, but I can't be a moderator.